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Past Era
This is an NPC, controlled in OWbN by the Tzimisce Coordinator

The worlds you never see
Still will be around, won't they?
The man I'll never be,
Who remembers him?
Stephen Sondheim, "The Road You Didn't Take"

Historically, the Tzimisce clan long lorded over the noble families of medieval Hungary and Romania. As one of the Sabbat’s high clans, the Tzimisce raised several revenant bloodlines from these young aristocrats, intending specifically to create a host of powerful vampires who would strengthen the clan and defend it through the final nights. But consistent inbreeding and copious fighting amongst the spoiled nobility resulted in a host of equally spoiled childer.

As one such offspring, Lambach Ruthven, lacked the foresight to understand the gift of unlife he was offered. Anxious and fearful from the start, Ruthven made a poor leader and an even weaker childe. Fortunately he was well-equipped by birthright, inheriting his power and many determined followers. However, it soon became apparent that Ruthven was overwhelmed. Tzimisce leaders demanded that he aid in their struggle against the Tremere, defend their holdings against the upstart anarchs, and continue to influence and control the mortal population, all at the same time. A tough task for even a strong statesman, Lambach faltered.

Lambach managed to cling to power during the time of Prince Vlad, more widely known as Dracula, a mortal upstart from an opposing (mortal) lineage. To combat this threat to Tzimisce control, Lambach tried to promote members of the Danesti family, another revenant line which had partly interbred with his own bloodline. He also supported Dracula's cousins, Vladislav II and Dan III, in their failed attempts to seize the Wallachian throne from its rightful heir. Too little too late, his efforts met almost no success.

Calling out Lambach for failing in his duties to the clan and Sect, Sabbat leader Lord Tabak demanded Ruthven to help him depose of the mortal Prince for good. Gathering a group of vampires and revenants to siege the Prince’s holdings, the now-notorious coward found himself taken by surprise. Along with Tabak, Lambach was forced to face off against an assembled army from the Ivory Tower, led by none other than the Camarilla’s own highest ranking officers, several members of the Justicariate. Tabak was destroyed in the battle, but somehow Lambach managed to survive and was able to report back to the Sabbat.

As punishment for his failings as a leader, the powerless Ruthven was forced to stand by as the last members of his revenant lineage were all but destroyed in the aftermath of Dracula’s successful bid for power. Though echoes still exist, they are interbred with stronger stock and far beyond any distinct recognition; only a few, like Ruthven, truly remain behind, mere shadows of their once-lofty noble claims.

Current Era
Ruthven moved from Europe to the new world during the tumultous time of the early 20th century and is now rumored to be the Priscus of the Path to NYC through Connecticut.


Lineage:The Ruthven Line, Dracula

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Physical description:
Likely an attractive man in his youth, the stresses of the old world have taken their toll on Ruthven. Unlike most of his clan, he is disinterested in his appearance and the thought of changing it never seems to cross his mind. Though never slovenly, he hardly bothers with the trappings of youthfulness and his dress reflects a simple nod to the somewhat classic fashions of the upper class.

OWBN History

  • Lambach Ruthven is a cowardly bully who maintains a great distance between himself and his clanmates. The title Priscus is only honorary, as he hardly contributes a word unless called upon directly...something no one ever thinks to do.
  • No one is quite sure what prompted Ruthven to leave his ancestral homeland.
  • Ruthven is suspected of once maintaining allies within the Anarch movement, something that has surely fallen by the wayside since his move to North American

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Faction: Unknown
Whereabouts: East Coast
R&U: Coordinator
Controlling Coordinator:

  • This Character is a NPC for OWbN Sabbat.
  • Portraying Coordinator: Tzimisce Coordinator
  • Also been portrayed by: None



Clan: Tzimisce
Year Embraced: 1300s AD
Generation: ??
Path: ???

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Position: Priscus

Status: (16)

Initiated, Feared,
Feared, Confirmed,
Infamous, Ominous,
Devout, Enlightened,
Adept, Ominous
Sanctified, Blooded
Hunted, Recognized

Children of the Inquisition

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