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|Faction= Occult Underground
|Faction= Occult Underground
<!--- Please do not use names other than those straight from canon or the Sabbat packets (i.e. Order of St. Blaise, Occult Underground, etc...). If unknown or none, please use "None" or leave as "???". - Links/[[]] are not allowed. -->
<!--- Please do not use names other than those straight from canon or the Sabbat packets (i.e. Order of St. Blaise, Occult Underground, etc...). If unknown or none, please use "None" or leave as "???". - Links/[[]] are not allowed. -->
|Faction Importance= Master Ah Nakom
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|p=[mailto: idril.khatri@gmail.com ]
|p=[mailto: idril.khatri@gmail.com ]

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Clan Ravnos Antitribu
Sect Position Archbishop
Pack Position Ductos
Status 09
Domain Alagoas
Pack Consórcio
Path Path of Honorable Accord ••••
Faction Occult Underground
Faction Importance Master Ah Nakom
Player [mailto: idril.khatri@gmail.com ]



Upload Juan Pablo Cortéz


Juan Pablo Cortéz, Jesus

Real Name:

Idril Khatri

Apparent Age: 30


Secret Agent

Physical description:

Look the picture.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

After fight in the Kashmir war Idril was chosen to become an agent of a special task force. An anti-terrorist group, Indians who hunted criminals in other countries. He soon learned other languages, received rigorous military training to overcome any adversity armed or not. One day receives a summons to return to India to perform in Delhi to be awarded honors for services to the country, however the last thing he expected was to gain immortality, be brought to the Kshatriyas. But nothing happens by chance, everything has a purpose, Idril now fight against another enemy, something that without the power of the blood he could not face, their targets were now Asuratizayya, also called Eastern vampires.

The Episodio Bhopal

Before the Week of Nightmares, the Ravnos clan in India possibly represented the largest base of power of Asian States. Princes Ravnos areas in India have claimed more than Ventrues and Toreador claimed titles in European cities. The huge difference between Ravnos and the other clans was the ongoing war with the asuratizayya, the name that the Indian Ravnos to give the Kindred of the East. For centuries, a floating state of war existed between the two groups throughout India and led to brutal battles. Ravnos in India had to be careful where they traveled; enter the wrong town could mean a painful destruction at the hands of asuratizayya. And that's exactly how Idril entered a task force to combat the Ravnos asuratizayya, in an extermination operation in Bhopal.

There was a plan to embrace several hundred mortals in one night and that seemed to cover everything to be an industrial accident. In 1984 the Kshatriyas entered the city of Bhopal and met mortals for the Embrace, to have them as a massive wave of States against a potent asuratizayya that posed a serious threat to the status quo. The plan was to hug, forcing children to feed their families and manufacture an incident to cover up the deaths and disappearances. As inevitably happens, someone fucked up. In the evening, more than 40 tons of poisonous gas killed about four thousand people and injured 50,000. On the bright side, the toxin also polluted the herd asuratizayya and weakened the Eastern State long enough to destroy. A howling for our team. The geniuses who came up with this idea were aware of the poor safety standards of Union Carbide, but underestimated how bad the situation was when they sabotaged the plant.

The Week of Nightmares

And then came the week of nightmares, Headquarters and fury lasted for four nights. Never felt a fury like that before and I hope never to experience again. I saw many of our are consumed through a hellish frenzy, I saw hordes of invading asuratizayya our refuges and destroy tens of ours. And amid all this madness, there was no other alternative but to flee to far.

Ravnos Antitribu

When the Ravnos clan gathered in Brasil on 2011 many things was talked. Idril spoke about a sabbat antitribu and was imprisoned by your sire because they can't talk about sects on the gathers. After your release, Idril comes to Sabbat and is accepted, he do a promise... He will destroy your sire.

Prist / Ductos / Bishop / Archbishop

Idril is a steamroller, nothing can stop him. in few time he already a bishop in the sabbat and recognized as more high rank in the Occult Underground a Master.





Ravindra Varma


Ravindra Varma



Character Inspirations




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