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!--- This Section Creates the Black Box. --->

Clan Brujah Antitribu
Sect Position Templar
Pack Position Ductus
Status 8
Domain New Haven, CT
Pack 13th Crusade
Path Redemption ••
Faction Factionless
Faction Importance None
Player Kris Donihee




Alias(es):The lioness

Real Name: Abigail Jordan Sinclair

Apparent Age: 19 embraced 1870

Concept: Rebel with a cause Brujah

Physical description: Small in stature and covered with Tattoos, Jordan has gone back to her more biker style in clothing favoring jeans, black t-shirts and a bright red leather jacket. Her curly hair often shoved unceremoniously up in a pony tail, the brute tends to favor more function over style. She has a signature scar over her left eye is the last carry over from her days as a camerillan.

Detailed Status: '

Position plus rep

Character Information

Known History

Fond of motorcycles and bar brawls, the former Camerillan joined the sword in the winter of 2008. Reportedly after her Grandsire's death at the hand of the Venture prince of Hartford. Jordan has been on the front lines for killing the Tremere Justicar, The crusade of Worster, and removal of the infernal threat in Boston.

In 2010 however Jordan seemed to been dealt a devastating series of events that nearly brought her to her knees. The death of three members of the 13th Crusade lead to the pack being disbanded. WIth the death of King at the hands of an infernalist being the one that she has taken the hardest, his name tattooed over her right wrist. His death coupled with her joining the inquestion lead to the rift between Chase Ashford. This rift was the driving force behind Jordan leaving Boston for studies in Montreal

September 2017 saw Jordan come to the city of New Haven, following reports that her former packmate become a target of the old Hartford elders coterie. Now back in the public arena Jordan has taken to reinventing herself. She quite the inquisition and reformed the 13th crusade with new pack members.

Jordan has become templar to Marissa Ashford. She also taken steps in retaking areas of New Haven lost to the sabbat by the brujah known has Pendragon. This endeavor seeming to be personal to the Brute. She also taken up studies at the Shambala Temple under the guidance of Chase Ashford.


13th Crusade Ductus: Jordan Sinclair Presit: Cherry Abbot: Xander







Micheal Aubrey, Valvsek "Val" ... and about 13 others that she doesn't know

Character Inspirations

Sasha Luna from Kindred the Embrace





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