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Jake Blackstone
Jake Blackstone
And four ex convicts who’s names Blackstone always forgets
Jayson Blackstone
And three ex convicts who’s names Blackstone always forgets
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'''Pack:''' Purity Under Granite<br>
'''Pack:''' Purity Under Granite<br>
'''Faction:''' The Pander Movement<br>
'''Faction:''' The Pander Movement<br>
'''Position:''' Bishop of Central VA, Ductus<br>
'''Position:''' Ductus<br>
'''Status: (14)''' <br>
'''Status: (12)''' <br>
''Positional Status:''<br>
''Positional Status:''<br>
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John was a mass embrace from New York five years ago. He was one of only two survivors from his initial battle. One survivor hid curled up in a ball and cried during the battle while John ashed a Camarilla vampire with his bare hands and teeth and claimed a cowboy gun holster form his body as a trophy. After the battle John asked for and was given the opportunity to kill the other mass embrace for being in his words, "A fuckin' pussy."

Since his embrace John has distinguished himself as a fearless warrior in Caine's Army. He's seen on the front lines of every battle and has been through some insane situations where most other Cainites would lay in a pile of ash. He has recently risen in the ranks of the Sabbat to become a Bishop of Richmond VA and has risen in the ranks of the Pander Movement to become regionally important for the east coast.


Apparent Age: Mid Twenties

Concept: Brawler

Physical description: John is a rugged man in his mid twenties of average height and build with short sandy blonde hair and a goatee and coli flour ears. He is always dressed in a pair of blue jeans, dark t-shirt, black hoodie and leather jacket, with a leather cut, armored gauntlets, a pair of tan workman's boots, and an empty cowboy gun holster at his waist.

Faction: Regionally Important in The Pander Movement


Sire: Embraced from the Cup
Childre: Dozens of mass embraces. Most die quick deaths, most of those that survive die in months of rigorous training before Blackstone considers them worthy of the Creation Rites. To date only 6 have survived

Paval Obertus

Jake Blackstone

Jayson Blackstone

And three ex convicts who’s names Blackstone always forgets


Purity Under Granite founding chapter of Faith and Fire

  • John Blackstone (Ductus)
  • Mathew St. Hubert (Priest)
  • Adrienne Bratavitch (Warder Abbot)
  • Shannon (Sgt At Arms Abbot)
  • Bruce


Faith and Fire Packs

  • Purity Under Granite
  • The Devil Dogs
  • The Men of Mayhem
  • The Family of Blood

Panders (Clan and Movement)

Paradise Lost

Midnight Progeny


The Camarilla

The Anarch Movement


Anyone else who wants to step

Character Inspirations and Sound Track


  • The Drifter from “Bunraku”
  • Happy from “Sons of Anarchy”

Sound Track

  • 30 Seconds to Mars "This is War"
  • Disturbed "Invincible"
  • Disturbed "Warrior"
  • Drowning Pool "Bodies"
  • Five Finger Death Punch "War is the Answer"


To a packless Cainite who bragged about not needing a pack right before Purity under Granite beat him into torpor, "This is why you need a pack bitch!"


John never dodges an attack. He takes everything an opponent can throw at him without a scratch.

John possess elder (possibly higher) levels of Fortitude. It's the only way he can take as much abuse as he does without injury.

John is immune to bullets. He's been shot thousands of times and the bullets bounce off every single time. Once he even took the full force of a chain gun to the face and the bullets just bounced off.

John made up his origin story about being embraced from the cup. In reality he's a child of the mythic (who is very much real) Stoneman.

John is actually the Stoneman in disguise.

John once superman punched the Sun in the face. The Sun died.



Clan: Pander
Year Embraced: 2008
Path: Caine OO

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Purity Under Granite
Faction: The Pander Movement
Position: Ductus

Status: (12)
Positional Status:



Reputational Status:






Accomplishment Status:

Battle Scared




Vengeful Ghost

Negative Status:


Clan Panders
Sect Position {{{Sect Position}}}
Pack Position {{{Pack Position}}}
Status 14
Domain Richmond
Pack Purity Under Granite
Path Caine ••
Faction The Pander Movement
Faction Importance {{{Faction Importance}}}
Player Player Name
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