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This section is provided for the various Ignoblis Ritae of the Sabbat for OWbN. Below you will find the list of printed Ignoblis Ritae and where to find them, as well as the various created ones over the years. Storytellers and players are encouraged to work together to create their own ignoblis ritaes. They should also feel free to add any of those they have created below in the player made ignoblis ritae section. So that other games may chose to allow or use them. It is recommended in the Sabbat Guide that Ignoblis Ritae not be to overpowering. Often they are rituals for role-play purposes only, but some do have an effect. It is our recommendation these effects be minimal as possible. Other more power effects are best left to he province of things like Bloog Magic rituals and combination disciplines.

Printed Ignoblis Ritae

Player Made Ignoblis Ritae

The Sword of Caine

Creator: The Twilight~

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:This short ritae has much more spiritual significance that practical application. As part of a War Party, the presiding priest passes around a Vaulderie Chalice that each participant places a very small amount of blood in. The priest consecrates this and then pours it across a weapon that will be used in the upcoming battle. This weapon is now considered and viewed by all as The Sword of Caine. If the ritual is successful, the weapon will absorb the blood and for the remained of the War Party or evening, whichever comes first, it will glow with a subtle red hue.

The Sword of Caine is carried then into battle against this foe as a symbol of the sect. Should the wielder ever fall, another should pick it up and carry it on. It is considered a great honor to carry The Sword of Caine into battle, and anyone who is chosen to carry such a thing, that fails in his task, or runs from the battle, should expect nothing but Monomacy waiting for him when he returns to the sect. Any weapon can be consecrated as The Sword of Caine, even claws. What is important is that The Sword of Caine is viewed as the sacred symbol of the sect for that battle, and anything that someone would be upset about if happen to their country’s flag, would anger at least the priest who performed this ritae. The Sword of Caine allows it user one free retest on all challenges of leadership in relation to leading or motivating his follow cainites.

Eye of Caine

Creator: The Twilight~ and Bishop Deception

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:A few years back, Pale Horse went to Florida when their brothers called them to assist with an ancient Malkavian Methuselah. Upon closer inspection, this creature was trying to merge all know levels of reality from the Shadowlands to the strange other worlds of the Lupines, the real world, and even the strange mental link shared by the Malkavian clan. The result would be cataclysmic, and make most of Florida completely inhospitable for the Faithful Cainites of the Sabbat. Clearly this direct childe of the Malkavian founder needed to be put down, but it was going to take some serious firepower, and the direct intervention of Caine himself. Bishop The Twilight~, St. Peter, Adam Kasiya, Death, and Bishop Deception created this ritae, they dubbed the Eye of Caine, to be a strong enough symbol of his faith, that it might draw his attention directly.

This ritual takes hours to prepare and sometimes even perform. The one who performs this ritae must carve from stone a sharp handheld sickle. This may be reused in later casting, but it must be hand-made by the primary caster. Large ring of thirteen crucifix’s are prepared, all facing away from a central point. Hanging from each one of these is a mortal that has been visced painted, or otherwise prepared to appear, in effigy or reality, to appear as one of the antediluvians. Inside the circle is laid a bound or otherwise incapacitated enemy of the sect that has been captured. Not just any random member of the Camarilla, but someone who has been a thorn in the Sabbat side. (ST discretion) Finally the ring of crucifixes are set on fire, creating a circular wall of fire and screams, that all of the participants of Eye of Caine must leap over, using the same mechanics of Fire Dance into the center area. When all have entered, the presiding priest gives at least one rousing Sermon of Caine, often more, while he takes the enemy, and digs the sacrifice’s heart out using the stone sickle as a reenactment of the sacrifice of Abel. If the rite functions, the heart and the ring of fire will burn brightly with white fire for a few seconds before completely extinguishing.

Counsel of Enoch

Creator: The Brass Ring

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:This ritae is meant to ensure students of nod apply a Cainite perspective of time and help prevent minor slights from blossoming into bloodshed that may needlessly diminish the followers of Caine. When a Noddist has been slighted they may seek out a priest to counsel and direct them. The cainite shares with the priest all that as transpired against them. The priest will then give guidance and perspective to the offended Cainite. This counsel may lead the offended cainite to a new perspective and acceptance of the offender or it may set them on a path to monomancy.

Satiating the Beast

Creator: The Brass Ring

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:The ritae is meant to help the cainite mind and the beast understand how each will react under a given situation. The priest guides their packmate in an hour-long meditation, walking them through a series of imaginary events that ultimately cause the cainite to enter a controlled fenzy. The events described by the priest will place the cainite in situation of personal challenge they are currently going through or are likely to face in the future.

System: The subject of the ritae spends a temporary willpower and enters into a controlled frenzy. For the remainder of the night they are plus two on all instincts challenges.

Standing Before the Basalt Throne

Creator: The Brass Ring

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:In this ritae the priest serves as the moderator in a debate between two cainites. The topic of discussion may be focused on the particular meaning of a passage from the book of nod, the location of some hidden artifact, the fundamental quality of some aspect of the vampiric form, or any other topic the noddist may find stimulating and worthy of debate and study. Should a participant resort to ad hominid or physical attacks against their opponent the priest ends the debate typically declaring the subject of the attack the victor.

The Forge of Brotherhood

Creator: The Brass Ring

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:Several packs have variations of this ritae all of which are principally focused on dedicating the pack to some set of guiding principles and rewarding those who live up to them. Performing this ritae for a pack member often corresponds with them being awarded the Proven status trait.

System: The following is an example of this ritae as performed by its originators the Brass Ring. Members of the Brass Ring are known to carry on their person a brass ring. But what is not as commonly known is that not every member of the pack is even entitled to one. The brass ring is reserved for those cainites who time and time again have proven to live by the pack’s tenants of, resilience in the face of adversity, living life to the fullest and dedication to the Path of Caine.

The ritae begins with the pack priest making a mold of their brass ring. While this is going on the rest of the pack sets to work on building a bonfire that will get hot enough to melt brass. The pack priest them consecrates a vaulderie in a crucible. After the vaulderie has been shared the priest takes raw brass adds it to whatever vitae remains in the crucible. He then takes the crucible and places it in the flames. As the fire burns and the brass melts the pack engages in a fire dance. Once the brass has completely melted down the pack gathers and watches while the priest pours it into the mold. Each pack member gives a blessing to or recounts a story of how the member being honored proved them self. The next night, after the ring is cooled, it becomes the focus of a game of instinct, in which the pack member being honored must find and retrieve their brass ring.

The Garden of Sorrow

Creator: The Brass Ring

Game: Fredericksburg, VA: Caine's Chosen

Description:Despite their claims all cainites know in the back of their minds that they are not truly immortal. Within the Sabbat especially the final death of a comrade is a fact of life. For those left behind the sudden loose of a brother can be devastating as the bonds of the viculum crumble.

The pack of the fallen Sabbat gathers to give their final thanks to their fallen brother. Photos of or objects belonging to the cainite are spread about to help the survivors stay connected to their brother. The presiding priest will often give a sermon of Caine followed by all preset sharing the vauldri in honor of the fallen. In some cases the ashes of the fallen are placed in the consecrated chalice.

Binding the Blessed Servant

Description:At first glance this ritae bears a very strong resemblance to the Vaulderie. Each member of the pack (min of two) adds a small portion of their blood (the total must be at least a trait) to a chalice using a ceremonial chalice, and cutting tool. The priest then speaks an incantation over the vessel. The ghoul (or would be ghoul) is then given the chalice to drink from. If they refuse to drink the priest will tell them to drink once, if they still refuse they will most likely become the victim of the pack’s next blood feast. In heavily ritualistic packs this ritae is often used to give ghouls their monthly feedings.

System: This ritae allows a mortal to be blood bound to more then one cainite at a time. It will not break existing blood bounds, but it can be used to give a mortal more then one full three-step blood bound. The mortal who drinks from the chalice will be bound one more step (Max 3 of course) to each cainite who contributed blood to the chalice.

The Cleansing

On the night of the full moon all members of the pack go to some pool of water. One pack member at a time kneels in a circle of his pack mates as he whispers confessions into the ear of the priest. All the other pack members take turns dipping water from the pool and pouring it onto the head of the confessing pack member. After the ritual is completed, the priest frequently grants status to those pack members who have grown spiritually.

Hammer and Anvil

This ritual is used before the pack engages in any martial activity. The premise is that each pack member has a "hammer" and all the pack members rhythmically beat the "anvil" at a faster and faster pace until the "anvil" is destroyed. The "hammer" can be a literal sledgehammer, baseball bats or even fists. The "anvil" might be a literal anvil, a car, a building or even a person. This builds excitement and enthusiasm for the pack about to engage in Jyhad.


Whenever the pack has to separate for more than a night, the priest performs this ritual to bind the pack with more than blood. Each pack members left arm is tied to all the other members left arms with ordinary rope by the priest. Silence descends and the priest intones "United in blood, united in flesh, let us unite again in XXX [days, weeks, etc.]" The priest then cuts the cord and burns it. All the members leave in silence.

Greet the New Moon

Every 28 days on the night of the new moon the pack comes together to celebrate the rebirth of the moon. Each member of the pack casts something that they have had for more than a month into a body of water. This symbolizes the transient nature or earthly possessions and a vampire's disdain of anything material. It also reminds a vampire to cast away the last remnants of his mortal life. It additionally serves to keep the pack lightly laden down so they can continue to travel.

Wotan's Blessing

Any member of the pack may ask the priest to perform this ritual at anytime. The usual stimulus is feeling like the member is caught between the bonds of freedom and loyalty. The pack priest plucks out the eye of the petitioner, eats it, and appeals to Caine for guidance to do the right thing. After this ritual is performed, the petitioner can follow their conscience knowing that their entire pack will now stand behind whatever decision they make.

Loyalist Ignoblis Ritae

Fury of Caine

The power of the Beast is a potent tool, though rarely used for though the vinculum remains strong, the urge to destroy the enemy is so great that even basic safety measures are ignored. The use of this Ritual ensures that the Beast is released but at the same time controlled to ensure carnage and common sense reign together.

Effect: The Ritual group automatically go into Controlled Frenzy in the next scene.

Moderates Ignoblis Ritae

Embrace the Concrete Jungle

In modern times it is imperative that the Sabbat keep with the times. This Ritual was developed to allow a better transition for Elders to awaken in unfamiliar urban territories; however the usefulness of this ability even for the youngest Cainite cannot be denied as it proves even the greenest of vampires knows how to utilise the streets to their advantage.

"Our home is concrete and stone The jungle is made of buildings and lights The unfamiliar land becomes our ally With it the host remains true."

Effect: Grants 2 bonus traits on all Streetwise Ability tests. During the ritual all the participants must deal 1 Lethal to their right hand. If the priest heals their wound the Ritual effect is disruped for everyone.

The Feast of Rebecca

The story of Rebecca is one of courage and resource. To sup from her blood makes the Cainite calmer in all situations, though to prove yourself worthy you must first overcome the Beast within. Such Rituals are often conducted before meeting a Cardinal, for to lose one’s temper there is to invite death itself.

"May the resolve of Rebecca bless us this day Let her courage and serenity awash our demons Let the beast be soothed in this time."

Effect: This Ritual grants a free Retest on Self Control/Instinct challenges. All those involved in the Ritual put all their blood into a vessel in which the priest is standing. All participants must resist falling into a Feeding Frenzy, difficulty 7 minus the Priest's Ritae Ability level.

Status Quo Ignoblis Ritae

Voice of the Blood

The ability to instantly communicate under pressure should not be underestimated. Being able to silently communicate instructions to multiple targets could mean the difference between life and death. The effects of this Ritual allow a group to receive messages from the designated leader, five words in length. However, the effect is so powerful that anyone with Telepathy can enter your mind with ease.

Effect: The designated leader may send up to five Telepathic words to the Ritual participants – but are 4 Traits down to resist Telepathy.

Ultra-Conservative Ignoblis Ritae

Soul of Hektor

A ritual which may actually date back to the fall of Rome itself. Legend speaks of great ancient warriors never really dying and infusing worthy fighters with their warrior capabilities. This ritual created by a potent Pack priest claims to have actually ripped the soul of the great warriors from the past and added it to the strength of his pack. This power though great, is short lived and creates a huge amount of animosity as the beast urges to break free.

"We shall shatter our enemies We shall grind their organs We leave our enemies begging We shall be victorious."

Effect: Grants 2 Bonus combat re-tests which must be used before all other Situational Retests.

Pander Movement Ignoblis Ritae

Reveal the Inner Beast

This Ritual was first used to create a feeling of fear and mistrust when the Anarchs were trying to muscle in on an area. It has been used in modern nights to extract information from individuals without the use of physical violence.

"The beast is fear Our face hides our desire The beast triumphant Our bodies weak The beast shall overcome all Our soul is lost."

Effect: The Ritual group gain 3 bonus Intimidation Ability points, but can not initiate any Social Challenge other than Intimidation-based.

Death of the Elder’s Blood

Description:For some Pander Supremacist just because a cainite is a member of the Pander movement is not enough. These cainites call for their brothers and sisters to willfully shed their clan blood and identity. The ritae begins with the Pack Priest asking the would be member some questions, and giving brief monologues about Caine, and the meaninglessness of clans. The questions are used to determine the cainite’s true motives. The line of questioning ends when the priest asks the candidate “to which clan to you belong?” Their answer will set the tone for what follows. If the candidate say any clan other then Pander, one way or another they will be told they do not belong. If they say Pander or claim they are clanless then the ritae will continue to unfold.

The candidate is told to dig a grave and to lie within. Then while standing around the grave the candidate has dug for themself the pack priest consecrates a Vaulderie (the candidate does not add blood). The candidate is then instructed to free the blood from their veins and to allow it to drain into the earth until they have no blood left within their body. As the blood drains from the candidate the pack proclaims the strengths of the clanless, declaring why they have united under the name Pander and how they are Caine’s truer children. At this point a small portion of the Vaulderie is given to the candidate and the pack quickly buries the candidate as the priest makes proclamations of Caine setting them free from their elder’s and Caine’s blood washing away the curses he laid on the antediluvians.

The candidate is then expected to dig them self free of the grave they dug for their old self. Should the candidate fail to dig themself free the pack leaves them behind obviously their clan had too much a hold over them. If the candidate digs them self out they will find the remainder of the Vaulderie and additional fresh blood awaiting them. After they have finished the blood in the Vaulderie and have filled themselves on fresh blood they are told that their old self is dead, and they must find a new name for them self. They are welcomed into the pack and a Vaulderie is performed cementing their new ties.

System: The Ritae begins with a Sermon of Caine for all intents and purposes. After the individual has spilt their blood from their veins the pack begins to prepare the Vaulderie. By the mystic nature of the Ritae, through the combined belief of the pack, this is where the real magic takes place.

If the individual has spilled all their blood traits and told the truth about their desire to renounce their clan they are not effect by the immediately following sight smell or taste of blood and they will not hunger frenzy, as a result of the Vaulderie being prepared. Further more when the small bit of the Vaulderie is given to the candidate they will feel as if they are going though the change a second time. While the candidate is feeling the agony of the change the pack quickly buries candidate.

If the individual has lied about their intent to abandon their clan or held even one blood trait in their system they must make three hunger frenzy challenges (even if they are not hungry) with a difficulty of 6. These challenges should occur when the Vaulderie is consecrated, when the candidate willfully stops shedding blood, and when the small bit of the Vaulderie is given to the candidate. The target of this hunger frenzy will be the blood in the Vaulderie chalice. Upon drinking any of the blood from the vaulderie the candidate will feel the agony of the change, but unlike a honest and sincere candidate, this pain is accompanied with a deep burning sensations. The failed candidate takes three points of lethal damage a round until they fall into torpor. (Optionally the challenges can be made before the ritae with an ST so the RP is not interrupted by RPS and the host pack does not know if the individual has lied or not.)

After the candidate is buried they must dig themselves out of the grave. They must win (not tie) two out of three simple tests to free themselves from the grave. Each physical trait the candidate spends entitles them to get another test. Once they have accumulated two wins they have freed themselves from the earth. (Assume each test takes 10 minutes). The now reborn Pander will have a new temporary derangement that will last for the next month, after which time it fades away.

If the candidate entered frenzy or failed to dig them self out of the grave, the pack will take it as a sign of the candidate's lack of faith or the strength of the hold the candidate's antediluvian had over them.

Children of the Dracon Ignoblis Ritae

Lay of the Land

Since before the ties of urbanisation all humans had experiences with Survival, and thus so did Cainites. Now though new vampires do not understand the fields and woodlands as they do the cities. Rarely used; it allows vampires who have to make long trips more likely to survive when moving around in the wilderness.

"Our home is the very land beneath our feet The city is made of trees and stars The road allows us access With the Beast we are free."

Effect: Grants 2 bonus Traits on all Survival Ability tests. During the ritual all the participants must deal 1 Lethal to their right hand. If the priest heals their wound the Ritual effect is disruped for everyone.

Occult Underground Ignoblis Ritae

Wisdom of the Crone

The Sabbat have never been famed for their brainpower, so it was only a matter of time before a Priest would develop a ritual to increase a Packs thinking power. The Priest who developed it had a slightly sick sense of humour and he could only make the brainpower work by eating brains. Even then it only works for specific occult based information. More work is needed to increase actual brainpower, but the Sabbat may well have more important things to do...

"My mind is open to be expanded The brains of all others will make me stronger The power of brains shall create a web of information Like a spider drinking a corpse we shall sup from the brains of humanity With this brain we will feast; mmm brains."

Effect: This Ritual grants 2 bonus points to Occult or Sabbat Lore ability scores for the scene.

Eyes of the Lowlands

The Giovanni have always had something the Sabbat requires; the ability to see Ghosts, Wraiths and all sorts of spectral creatures. This Ritual allows a Cainite to know if he is being watched, for when your resting place can be touched by such a creature from which you have no defence, then at least the ability to see them should be able to ward them off. Strangely this ritual was developed by a Samedi, and even then it was an accident during a particularly drug-induced game of instinct. It requires the Cainite to lose a piece of himself into the ether so that his mind may see the spectral forms around him.

"My eyes shall see the unseen My mind shall know that which can not be known My sight knows no bounds No spies shall hide from me."

Effect: Participants gain the ability to see Ghosts and Wraiths for a scene, but lose a Mental and a Social Trait.

Order of St. Blaise Ignoblis Ritae

Red Confession

The cainite clears their mind by confessing their sins against their path and moments of weakness to the performing priest. Depending on the severity of the sin in question the Priest might offer contrition to the sinner in question. After the sinner has made peace with themself and Caine, the Priest blesses them, marking him across his forehead with a trait of vitae. This absolves the Cainite of his sin, giving him a renewed sense of clarity.

Effect: Completion of this Ritus (Which must be roleplayed) gives the confessor in this Ritae a +1 trait bonus to conscience and conviction challenges for the evening.


This Ritus is one of punishment, used on Cainites deemed no longer capable of performing Ritae and have been stripped of the ability to hold the Ordained status. The priests performing this Ritus (Must be at least three) take turns reciting the failings of the priest in question. When it is finished the target of this ritus is offered the opportunity to beg contrition of the acting priests. If it is not asked for or refused, the target is then spat upon and thus rendered unable to perform Ritae. Doing so automatically fails and deals the false priest a level of lethal damage that comes in the form of an obvious lash across the face or back.

Midnight Mass

This Ritus is akin to the catholic church's normal mass. However instead, it is solely for Cainites. Sabbat gather in a Catholic Church (usually cleared of all non Sabbat before hand). Their the Inquisition Priest leads Sermons, Tales, and other Noddist lore to his Brothers and Sisters. The goal of the Ritus is to help the Inquisition gain more acceptance with the rest of the Sabbat and up lifting in their mass. However, the truth is that the Ritus holds another purpose. While the Midnight Mass appears as a Social gathering of Cainites to discuss the religion of the sect, the Inquisition also uses it as a method to scout out heretics. After a Midnight Mass, the Inquisition gains a number of bonus traits on all challenges to determine if someone is a heretic equal to the casting priests path rating. This effect lasts until the Inquisition is no longer hunting for heretics in that city.

Exorcism Rites

Taken from the Catholic Rites of Exorcism, the Sabbat Inquisition created this Ritus to combat the demonic who would possess others and take hosts. The ritus followers a similar method as the normal Catholic Rite, though the Inquisition Priest often substitutes God with Caine. Indeed, like the normal rite, it may day days or weeks to exorcise a demon. First the Inquisition Priest needs to learn the name (though note, not necessarily the True Name)of the Demon who is possessing. Once that is learned, the Priest performs the rite to banish the Demon. The Priest engages the Demon in a contested Willpower Challenge. The Priest needs to defeat the Demon in a number of challenges equal to the possessing Demon's Faith Score if its a Fallen, or Gnosis Score if it is a Spirit Demon. The Priest may only perform one challenge a night. So must Exorcisms take several nights at the earliest. Should the priest win, the Demon is exorcised from it's host and forced to either return to hell or find a new home. Should the priest lose, there is always the chance the Demon may take them over instead.

Inquisition Ignoblis Ritae


The Act of Faith is the traditional trial of the Sabbat Inquisition. The Auto-de-fe is a semi formal trial of guilty until proven innocent. A Judge Inquisitor sits as head of the trial as the accused has the charges leveled against them. Others may be invited to speak as witnesses, defenders, or accusers. All however, are required to swear an oath upon the Iron Reliquary. Most often then not, those who are subject of the Auto-de-fe are killed; some are offered an ordeal instead decided by the overseeing inquisitor. These Ordeals are often as well to the death. Though trials are overseen by the Judge Inquisitors (and they are the Judge, Jury, and Executioner), the Knight Inquisitors run security during the trials. Trials may last as long or as short as the Judge overseeing it decides. Though ceremonial, the Auto-de-fe is also a ritae that also has influence inspired the Spanish Inquisition. The few who do survive the auto-de-fe are viewed as free of heresy in the sabbat.

Effect: Once the auto-de-fe has begun and until its conclusion, the Judge Inquisitor gains a free retest on all challenges related to the trial.

Malleus Maleficarum

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. This is the creed of the Knight Inquisitors. This ritus was developed by the martial arm of the Sabbat Inquisition. The Knights are often tasked with carrying out the most dangerous of missions to directly confront and fight heresy. As a result, the Knight Inquisitors have developed this ritus based upon the Malleus Maleficarum book, but with a Sabbat twist. Though many Inquisitors are Christian in nature, not all our. This ritus focuses more on the teachings and blessings of Caine then those in the actual Malleus Maleficarum. While under this ritus, Knight Inquisitors fall under an almost spell of Fanatical zealotry. They will let none stand in their path, and few would dare try to get in their way.

Effect: While under the ritus of the Malleus Maleficarum, which may only be used when directly fighting heresy, the Knight Inquisitor receives a free retest on all combat challenges against his chosen target heretic.

Black Hand Ignoblis Ritae

The Call is Issued (Acceptance Variant)

This variant is performed when performing a Kamut.

Sacrament of Caine (Vaulderie Variant)

This Black Hand variant is only performed between Black Hand members. This version of the Vaulderie creates a stronger bond between Hand members than a normal Viniculum. It is used specifically so that Black Hand agents may ignore any lesser non-Black-Hand Viniculum when sent on missions against regular Sabbat.

The Eagle Watches (Welcoming Variant)

This variant is performed when a new Watch Commander or Dominion is assigned to an area.

Walk of Caine (Contrition Variant)

This variant is performed on the rare occasions that an assigned Black Hand’s punishment is not immediate death. Used as a form of excommunication, the subject is given a year and a day to make suitable amends for the offense in question and is slain if he is unable to do so. Often, the Seraphim will track the subject with a Bloodstone during this time as well. The subject’s hand--the same hand marked during of The Branding--is severed, and will not grow back for the duration of a year and a day. This ritual is known and performed by Seraphim only.

Tests of Faith (Games of Instinct Variant)

This variant is similar to the normal Ritus, but is performed by Black Hand members and participants include only Black Hand. These Games are also on a higher order of difficulty than ordinary Games of Instinct. Ritus of Ascension This Ritus is performed when an agent is promoted to Dominion. This Ritus is known and performed by Seraphim only.

Irad’s Grace (Stealth Variant)

This variant is often performed before missions, granting the Bonus Traits only for Stealth-related Tests.

The Branding

The Branding is the official ceremony that grants the Crescent Moon Tattoo of Black Hand membership, also covering the Initiation into the Black Hand. This Ritus is performed by the Dominions and the Seraphim and only they possess it.

Zillah’s Retribution (Wild Hunt Variant)

This Ritus is performed when a non-Hand member has killed an agent of the Hand. It is similar to a Wild Hunt, but the goal is the destruction of the target.

Enoch’s Test (The Truth Revealed Variant)

Mechanically the same as the Sabbat Ignobilis Ritus, to perform this variant (instead of writing down the words and burning the paper) blood is poured over the Crescent Moon tattoo of the subject, which soaks in the blood if the subject is truthful. Otherwise, the blood simply runs off of the skin as normal.

Path of Caine Ignoblis Ritae

Description:Some noddists are often seen performing ritae and calling for the frequent performance of ritae, this has lead some to believe they are rituals freaks. The truth however they may follow a teaching that the judicial use of the auctoritis ritae and ignoblis ritae will aide in the study of the Path of Caine. Here are some examples of ritae used by noddists to advance their path.

1 Denying the hunger or the needs of the Cainite form – Games of Instinct
1 Failing to pursue knowledge about Caine and vampirism – Sermon of Caine, Temptation of Caine
2 Not testing the limits of the vampiric form – Games of Instinct
2 Failing to slay and diablerize an enemy –Counsel of Enoch / Monomancy
3 Succumbing to Rotschreck – The Fire Dance / Sun Dance
3 Failing to "ride the wave" of a frenzy – Satiating the Beast
4 Disrespecting other students of Caine – Vauderi, Standing before the Basalt Throne
4 Treating mortals as equals – Binding the Blessed Servant
5 Failing to instruct other vampires on the Path of Caine – Sermon of Caine
5 Failing to research and study at every opportunity - Standing before the Basalt Throne, Temptation of Caine, Games of Instinct

Path of Cathari

The Path of Death and the Soul

Path of Redemption

Montreal Packs

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