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Clan Other
Sect Position None
Pack Position None
Status 7
Domain Boston, MA
Pack Transcendent Bitterness
Path ??? ••••
Faction Black Hand
Faction Importance Classified
Player Hitchens



In Black Met
In Horrid Form

Christopher Hitchens

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late twenties to mid-thirties

Devil's Advocate
Honest Advisor
Cleanup Crew
The Fixer

Physical description:
Hitchens epitomizes bland to the Nth degree - a gray man to the core. He is caucasian - but beyond that he iss average height, average build, hair color is blond or brown or grey. He is dressed comfortably for the weather and would not stand out anywhere - dark jeans, dark grey long sleeved shirt, a dark red hoodie, and a light weight dark grey jacket. In fact, you would say his unobtrusive presence is in itself highly notable among this crowd. Except, that is, for one thing - he bears the crescent moon of the Black Hand on his right forearm immediately above the wrist. He is snacking on dark chocolate almond bark while sipping at what is obviously a Starbuck's Iced Chai Tea Latte.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Hitchens exploded on the scene during the reclamation of Boston in March of 2020. Working with a crew to reach and siege the Old Capital Building, his actions and efforts with his team were noted by many involved. His quiet and calm demeanor and highly effective skill set made it clear he had been operating for some time. Who he was before and what his actual role is remain a mystery but it is well know that he appears where fighting is the thickest and always places himself amidst the fury of battle.

In August, he arrived before the warzones in central California. Again providing insights and tactical insight to the diocese. Armed and bearing a war chest of equipment, he places himself and his stock at the disposal of all present to ensure victory. While quiet about his personal action, it is known he dove into the thick of combat providing direct action as needed to accomplish the mission.

In September, he appeared in Arizona to assist with the removal of a heretical pack operating along the Nevada border. Again armed and bearing a archest of equipment, he slid in as a ... cleaner and fixer, providing insights and tactical clarifications to assist with victory. He grew heated with the diocese when the actions of the Black Hand were brushed off but made it clear this was not acceptable.

The new year of 2021 saw Hitchens again traveling extensively. From Mexico City to Lexington Kentucky, he was seen moving through the globe in support of the Sword of Caine. From the Dusk in Lexington to Festivo in Boston, he continues to provide assistance to all who ask. In April, he was seen in the siege of Petra, Jordan toiling with the Lasombra. While his direct activities remain quiet, it is know that he was recognized for his support. This is the first instance he was seen working heavily with his pack mates spending a large portion of the end game in defense of his ductus.


Hitchens has recently joined Transcendent Bitterness. He maintains a low profile while residing on Boston working with his Pack and any who may request aid.


Beyond the Black Hand, Hitchens does well engaging where he goes. He generally works to create connections - if not allies at least those willing to fight for the Sword.


Hitchens has no known enemies but has been known to address battles against the Camarilla, Anarchs, were-creatures, even Hell itself.


Hitchens sire is unknown. While he has discussed her at times as a hard-nosed bitch, he has never provided more detail.


Hitchens has no known childer and has never been known to indulge in a mass embrace.


Hitchens has no known broodmates.

Character Inspirations




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