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Clan Toreador Antitribu
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Status ???
Domain Nomadic
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Path Fletcher's Path ???
Faction ???
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Player J. Clark
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Nicky's Kid, Hey You Look Familiar....

Real Name: Fletcher

Apparent Age: Late 20's, she prefers the 'natural' look.

Concept: Politician's childe/Party Girl

Physical description: This leggy cainite stands at 5'11 before high heels. She is very loose and easy going with her posture, and appears to be in constant motion. It is incredibly difficult to get an un-blurred photo of her because of this frequent movement. Her hour glass figure is typically garbed in reds, blacks, and blue jeans. She has one of those faces that while beautiful, you could have sworn you have seen somewhere else before(mistaken identity), then again how many beauties like this crop up in a life time? Despite her beauty, her olive toned skin is scarred above her eyebrow, and along her shoulder blade, two souvenirs from life before embrace, stories that clearly don't matter anymore in her unlife, as any attempt to inquire about how she acquired them is typically met with a hand wave along with a subject change. Her dark hair is long, and typically in the style of someone who has been driving very fast with the windows down.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

She appeared in the 2015 Ecumenical Council on the arm of Nicolas Vicente and a husky Eastern European accent, along with the inability to sit still for long periods of time. When asked where she is from, she simply states "everyvhere, und novhere, und you?". She has been seen getting high around Cainites such as Bishop Jack Cock and Priscus Sascha Vykos , generally lounging or having a good time. She regularly is unaware of who these important people around her are, but is more than willing to offer them a hit of whatever she is smoking at the time. Fletcher suffers from mistaken identity, but has learned to just relish in being confused for someone more important.



Anyone who is willing to sit down and take a hit with her.



Nicolas Vicente



Tante Nicky can't keep her mouth closed....

Character Inspirations




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