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Clan Panders
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Status 10
Domain Decatur, IL
Pack The Iron Star
Path Caine ••
Faction Pander Movement (Regional Important)
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Player John Dove
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Upload Drifter

Alias(es): Drifter

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Concept: Cowboy

Physical description:
In recent nights he is an easily recognized figure in the diocese with the eyes and ears of a coyote with his cowboy attire. A red bandanna with a Pander logo gangs from his neck and thick black chain drapes across his torso. He is almost always adorned with blades and guns of exceptional quality and craftsmanship many of which are rumored to highly magical

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Drifter was first initiated in the early 1900's by his pack the Outriders and their priest, Bearfoot. The Outriders had the dangerous job of transporting messages and information between the different diocese of the area. Often traveling through enemy territory to do it. He survived for several decades with the pack before they became obsolete with the advances of modern technology. Drifter wandered around the country before settling in Decatur, IL in February of 2013.

His first pack there was The Grand Crusaders but a change of leadership found the name later changed to Ravenous. He spent most of the year with the pack before leaving due to a disagreement with his pack mates and taking 2 other panders with him. He has recently joined The Brass Ring and created a new chapter to the pack in the Decatur area with himself, his childer and a stray pander that wandered into the area.

Recently the pack changed the name to Iron Star though still a affiliated pack of the Brass Ring. It is hard to determine the exact membership of the Iron Star due to their nomadic tendencies.

Over the years Drifter has been on the front line of most every battle in the diocese battling against whatever enemies stand before them be it, other vampires, werewolves, hunters, demons and a dozen unknown creatures. He even managed to cone out of the battle against Josephus unscathed.

In recent nights his mastery of smithing has soread almost nation wide with people all over the country paying high prices for his weapons and armor.


The Iron Star





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