Dragomir Sibelius Grimaldi

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Clan Tzimisce
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Status 12
Domain NYC
Pack Terminus Sanguineous
Path Power and the Inner Voice ???
Faction Ultra Conservative
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Player Aaron Neff
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Real Name: Undisclosed

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Concept: O.G.

Physical description: Dragomir prefers a 5'8" athletic build with short hair and a well groomed Van Dyke. The irises of his eyes are gold and luminescent. He favors custom tailored clothing, Italian suits, expensive shoes and designer accessories. He wears Armani shades and carries only the most cutting-edge telecommunications devices, sometimes using prototypes that have not been put into production yet. There is almost always a blue-tooth in his ear. There is also a distinctly noble, one might say regal, quality to him. He speaks in measured sentences and walks with authority. His gaze is powerful, almost overwhelming, and belies a keen awareness of subtleties that often go unnoticed by others.

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Character Information

Known History

Dragomir Sibelius Grimaldi is rumored to be over 800 years old. He is the progeny of Tzimisce royalty, born to the first generation of Revenant Grimaldi, a family line blooded by Cardinal Radu Bistri to combat Ventrue and Giovanni influence over the Holy Roman Empire. In his mortal life, Dragomir crushed Kingdoms, destroyed Dynasties, toppled Empires and forged Nations from their ashes. Dragomir directly served the Tzimisce's Voivodate, expanding their dominion over mortal affairs and protected the "Old Country" from any who would see it stripped from its rightful masters. Dragomir was a student of Niccolo Machiavelli during the Fifteenth Century and, years later, a contemporary of many notable philosophers including Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and Montesquieu. He was instrumental in overthrowing the Bogatyri, and unifying Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania under the Romanian Alliance. He was also an original member of the Tzimisce's Romanian Legacy Foundation. During the Anarch Revolt, Dragomir was responsible for ferrying hundreds of Cainites fleeing the Inquisition across the Atlantic to conquer the New World. His services to the Sabbat during the tenuous decades after its inception have earned him the appellation Indispensable to the Consistory. As a reward for over four hundred years of loyal service, Dragomir was embraced in the Eighteenth Century during the age of enlightenment. If Dragomir was resourceful while among the living , immortality made him ruthless. Over the past three hundred years, Drago has had a hand in countless armed conflicts around the globe, including the American Revolutionary War, the Great French Revolution, Spain's Glorious Revolution, the Second Serbian Uprising, and the Russian Revolution. In 1914, Dragomir helped overthrow the Austrio-Hungarian throne, triggering the July Ultimatum, the formation of the Triple Entente, and a conflict that quickly escalated into World War I. He directed the Romanian declaration of war against the Central Powers and after the Peace of Bucharest, laid claim to the entire territory formerly governed by the Bassarabian Dynasty. He participated in the Second World War, directing the German offensive against Vienna, briefly ousting the Tremere from the City allowing the Tzimisce to recapture vast amounts of wealth from abandoned Tremere Chantries. He also spurred the Nazi invasion of Poland, shifting Romania's allegiance from the Axis to the Allies, tripling the Nation's territorial acquisitions after the Warsaw pact. At the height of his temporal power in Europe, Dragomir maintained a firm grip on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Council of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the Governing party of the People's Republic of Romania. In 2011, Dragomir placed his vast wealth and mortal influence empire into the hands of Minerva Schwalke-Wojtkiewicz, the Tzimisce Voivode of Voivodes, and took up residence in New York City as a Bishop under Ecaterina the Wise, who became Arch-Bishop in 1996 after the mysterious disappearance of the former Arch-Bishop; Dragomir's Sire, Violett Tremain.


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