Delilah Price

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Clan Toreador Antitribu
Sect Position Paladin
Pack Position None
Status 4
Domain Springfield, Ohio
Pack Apotheosis
Path Path of Caine ••••
Faction Inquisition
Faction Importance ???
Player Addie



Delilah Price, 2021

Real Name: Delilah mother-fuckin Price

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Physical description:

Delilah Price is of average height, with curly brown hair that comes to her shoulders, and brown eyes. She's Path Dead and her fangs are always visible when she smiles or speaks. Her speech is very specific in the way that she intentionally elongates vowels, or smashes sentences together in a sing song voice. She usually dresses in corsets, boots, and some kind of skirt or dress. She is always wearing red, a cloak or otherwise, a choker necklace made of sharp star shapes, and a pendant of the Inquisition ankh on a chain around her neck.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Delilah mother-fuckin' Price was embraced in 2016 by Tananda Price in Springfield Ohio. She had lead a life of criminal activity in her mortal days, and that continued into her new night life. Responsible for a large number of robberies, assaults, and murders, she settled into her life as a Cainite without much difficulty.

In her first few months of Initiation, she was brought into the Inquisition by Knight Inquisitor Mercy. She served as a Templar to the Knight Inquisitor for 2 years, until she was promoted to Paladin; a role she continues to serve in.

She was part of the pack "Non Sequitur" with Titus Natta, Virgil, and Lidian. Until Titus' death in 2018 at which point the pack dissolved.

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Delilah was found falling far enough down on her Humanity, that wassail became an concern. Through guidance from Rusty, a local Priest, she pathed over to the Path of Caine, which she continues to walk.

She was then a member of "The Cainiacs", another local pack with Rusty, Ivy, and Echo. As Delilah's responsibilities expanded, and travel became more of her focus, she left the pack after a year.

During a Loyalist Party in December 2018, she met Arvid Vandal and became close with him and others he knew, including Gabriel Devereaux. Through this connection, she joined Apotheosis in 2019.

Delilah Price can still be found in Springfield from time to time, but has also been known to visit Kansas, New England, and Virginia with fluctuating frequency.





Heretics and threats to the Sword.


Tananda Fuckin Price




Esmeralda Zantosa

Genesis (Deceased)

Character Inspirations


"Delilah" - Florence + the Machine

"Witches Wrath" - The Bridge City Sinners

"Hungover in Jonestown" - Amigo the Devil

"A Lunatic's Lament" - Alesana

"Delirious" - Steve Aoki

"Party Poison" - My Chemical Romance

"Bad Guy" - Billie Eilish

"The Thespian" - Alesana

"COPYCAT - Sofi Tukker Remix" - Billie Eilish, Sofi Tukker


"My Inquisitor took my eyes out, because I didn't follow directions."

"Well I'm not going to straight murder him, if that's what your asking."

"Yeeeeeah! Party Bat!" (In reference to Shelly Carter sitting in a margarita glass in flight form)

"Oh I'm gonna get that chicken Arvid. I'm gonna fuck it up."

"Delilah's like a backwoods small town cop who's annoyed she got called about your barn party."

"So you were... let's say clever enough, to figure out how to commune with dark forces, and yet dumb enough to get caught by a 20 year old girl with a knife fetish."


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