Daria Kull

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Clan Tzimisce
Sect Position ???
Pack Position Sister
Status 2
Domain Northern Maine
Pack Squad Goals
Path Cathari
Faction Loyalist
Faction Importance ???
Player Player Name



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Alias(es): none

Real Name: Daria Kull

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: A drunken biologist with crazy ideas, and who at the end of the day wants to punch something

Physical description: as her face changes frequently she does tend to alternate between sexy librarian look, a more androgynous style or just straight up drunk with four arms

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Embraced in June of 2019 by her sire she was put into an intense training regiment. Her mortal history was as a biologist who was laughed at by her peers for her little unorthodox theories. She felt jaded and a bit cruel and that's what drew her sire's interest. By the end of what felt like an unending month of training, she went up to visit Northern Maine to make a name for herself and help the Sword. There she met her now Ductus and Priest, Avery Hunter and Cassie White of Squad Goals. A thirst to prove herself her first visit turned disastrous as a pissed of Malkavian elder Vanished her and Avery to prove a point. Ever since that night, Daria has been improving herself every month to get stronger. After some time she officially joined Squad Goals in late October o 2019. Now she is looking to help her pack and get stronger. Daria is accompanied almost everywhere by Arcos, a Hellhound Spider gited to her by her Sire. Has a new Greatsword and working on making a Warghoul of her own. She has begun making friends across the country working hard making good connections. She made a splash at the big Pala Grande Gathering in New York where she Earned Status from the head of her faction from her blunt responce to someone trying to make a pack problem public by knocking out his teeth with her bat. In November of 2020 she made her path jump heading from Humanity to Cathari. She has been working within her faction, branching out and embraced her new Childr.


Squad Goals





Bishop Salvatore Kull of New Haven


Sasha Zantosa Kull


Character Inspirations

Angel Dust: Hazbin Hotel,


Addict: By Sylvia Hound, Chandelier: By Sia, Cheep Thrills: By Sia, Die Young: By Ke$ha, Edge of Glory: By Lady Gaga, I Took A Pill in Ibiza Remix: By Mike Posner, Love Me Harder: By Ariana Grande,



Her four arms have names. Grabby, punchy, pinchy and Fist. Uses her bat to knock out the teath of people who insult pack harmony.

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