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Clan Gangrel Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack Die in a Fire
Path Feral Heart •••
Faction Status Quo
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Player Matthew M
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Conall (using Shape of the Beast) sharing his thoughts on...whatever it was you just said.

Alias(es): None

Real Name: Conall

Apparent Age: 31

Concept: Caine's fangs, the tempered and forged fury of the Beast.

Physical description: Conall stands at 6'3", bearing a powerful athletic build. There is a heavily noticeable ferocity in his demeanor, and it is easily apparent that in his years of service to the Sword that his Beast has taken its toll on him, when he does not choose to cover his appearance through the subtle manipulations of Caine's gifts. His eyes gleam as golden cat's eyes, and he permanently bears the ears and tail of the mountain lion shape he so frequently takes. So much has he frenzied, in recent nights, he has become appears to be a completely anthropomorphized mountain lion. Conall still wears the somewhat ratty remains of a black police uniform he used in mortal life, all badges since torn off, and he has taken to wearing a long black leather trench coat to cover his bestial nature. There is an ever-present growl in his voice, but depending on his mood, it is not so much threatening as simply a shared existence he has long since agreed to with the Beast within.

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Character Information

Known History

Conall came from a pack of all country Gangrel-antitribu that roamed the more wild regions of Ontario, Canada, stopping into Toronto to celebrate festivals of the Sword. All that is otherwise known about Pack Caine's Fury is they dispersed in 2009, its members going to various Sabbat-held domains across the globe. Conall went to Rochester, NY, deciding he wished to lend his hand to claim the city from the Camarilla resistance of Prince Hugo Warrington, clan Tremere. Upon arriving, he joined Pack Recon. After several months, and through a resulting mess involving a Monomacy Challenge by Ductus Lazlo Baptiste, Pack Will of Caine, against the then-bishop Nick, a packmate of Conall's, an intervention eventually took place that involved the shattering of Pack Recon, it's members going different ways for each of their own reasons. Conall hasn't spoken on his reasoning, and usually finds some dismissive way of answering why, but he went with his packmate Elysens to join Pack Die in a Fire. He has been there since then.


Die in a Fire



He doesn't seem to have any public enemies, especially now that Rochester has been claimed by the Sabbat. It seems he more or less makes an enemy of anyone who oppose the Sword and his Pack.


No one seems to know his name. Conall doesn't talk about him often.




All members of Pack Caine's Fury were broodmates, childer of the ductus.

Character Inspirations

Conall was created as an exploration of the Beast, what it means to embrace that nature, and how the teachings of the Sabbat would mix with that nature.



"Caine did not give you his blessings for you to romp around the night aimlessly killing everything shouting what a big, bad-ass fucker you are. He gave you his Blood in preparation for the return of the Antediluvians, to further strengthen the Sword." Claws extend. " don't want the Father to think that was a poor decision, do you?"

"Ah, Rochester, where precious childhood memories go to be horrifically slaughtered! You didn't still believe in Santa Claus, did you, little girl? Well...he's dead."

"Oh, we've met before. I do believe you were throwing grenades at me." -Conall speaking to Andolini, Ductus of Pack Unchained (Currently a Bishop of Rochester)

"I remember the good days when hunters came after you with a simple stake and a revolver. I didn't have to deal with rockets back then."

"What do you mean I failed to complete the Fire Dance? I dove head-first into the fire. Twice! I have more than proved I do not fear flames!"

"Seriously? Snake people? Next you're going to tell me fairies are real..."

"What the fuck happened to your face?"
"Ummm...I'm a Nosferatu."
"You didn't look like that a moment ago..."
"Well, this is how I look."
"You looked better on fire."

"Huh...I never knew Toreador made such great shields!"


There is a rumor circulating that Conall does not like rumors.

Pretty sure his sire was a bit of a Ritual Freak. But there's no way Conall picked up any of that.

So, Conall, are you the reason there was a story in the news about a sudden spike in mountain lion attacks on hikers in Letchworth State Park?

You can't trust newcomers. Ever. They give you herpes.

That status of Loyal had another part to the status. What was it again? There's some joke to it that wasn't really a joke, more of a death threat... Oh well, I can't remember.

"Gangrujah" That's a clan, right?

Conall warned his broodmate, Natasha Novaskaya, that her constant fluctuation between apathy, desire for enlightenment, and demands for instant gratification would bring her to her Final Frenzy if not brought under control. That very same night Natasha became a Wight.

His primary combat strategy is to light himself on fire, frenzy, and throw himself at the nearest thing that moves.

Conall appears to be fireproof.

Conall is a pyromaniac.

Conall likely has the status Charred.

Conall is, in fact, Charred.

Conall has leapt headlong into a burning 10-ton living, magical truck at highway speeds on a dare.

Conall was the one who dared the truck to run him over.

Conall gets lit on fire more often in a week than a menorah during Hanukkah.

Conall is a credit to the name of his pack, Die in a Fire.

He almost let someone burn to death during a Fire Dance.

In that same Fire Dance he was handed a fire extinguisher by that person. Said fire extinguisher was placed IN the fire.

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