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Clan Salubri Antitribu
Sect Position Templar
Pack Position None
Status 8
Domain Auburn
Pack Caine's Crimson Choir
Path Caine ••••
Faction Loyalist
Faction Importance Radical
Player Eric L



Chris and Belladonna


Real Name: Christopher McGready

Apparent Age: Mid 20's


Physical description: Irish in appearance. Permenant fangs. His Third Eye does not close and it's Iris is Red.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Chris Arrived in the US in October of 2006 in Auburn, CA. He was first approached by Bob The Rapist to join his pack, Tainted Virtue and accepted. A few months later due to arguments with the Pack Priest he left the pack and became Ductus of his own pack, Noche Oscura. He stayed with this pack helping his Priest, Genisis Knicks, explore the secrets of the Abyss.

In February of 2008, His pack disbanded when Genisis Knicks decided to enter into the Abyss for an extended time of study. He and his Abbot, Chastity Hill, joined with Bob The Rapist and Sariel to form the pack Angels of Tainted Virtue. He stayed with this pack for several years fighting against all that threatened the Dioceses of Auburn and Yuba. In May of 2010 he faced an independent Elder of Clan Tzimisce with the combined might of Aubrun, Yuba City, Ventura and Father Erikon to prevent his demand of loyalty and blood tithe.

In May of 2011 he finally split from Angels of Tainted Virtue and once again formed his own pack, Caine’s Crimson Choir along with his now Preist, Chastity Hill. Shortly after Chastity Hill was made Bishop of Auburn, CA and Chris now serves as her Chief Templar.

In September of 2011, Chris was at the head of a battle with a powerful Demon that was bound to the Physical plain. He landed the final blow that forced the Demon back into its obelisk and allowed for the destruction of the object.

December of 2011 marked the end of the last surviving member of the Camarilla court of Yuba City, which had fallen to the Sword some years earlier. This Tremere was laid into Torpor by Chris and subsequently diablerized.

In April of 2012 Chris successfully completed a War Party against an Elder Ventrue and gave the body to his Priest and Bishop, Chastity Hill.

Currently, he is leading the efforts to remove the Lupine presence from the area as well as the Giovanni.

Recently Chris has gone missing the last time we was seen in Auburn was early June of 2012.

Since Spring of 2013 it has become known that he is being held by Cardinal Francisco Domingo de Polonia in New York City, New York. The reasons are not well known and there is a lot of rumor about the details as why and how he is being held. Rumors abound about the Tyranny of the Cardinal.

(Note for Salubri Anti: Celestial Choir Rank: Angel)

Known Kills

Killing Blows



Caine's Crimson Choir



Robert Therapist

Marcus Bjorn Deceased


The Baali

Clan Tremere


Ultra Conservatives

Francisco Domingo de Polonia



  • Unamed


  • Unamed




Character Inspirations


"Lanterns" Rise Against

"Riot" Three Days Grace


"...He's just a pussy and wants to suck Tremere dick" (Chris is then Psychic Assaulted by the Offended Tzimisce Elder)

"Throw me" (Said many times to anyone with Potence during a fight)

"So after fighting us for 6 seconds, well I guess they were fight illusions of us, they ran away like pussies. Oh that is one of them right over there..." (Said While Crashing the 2011 Grand Elysium in San Francisco)


Chris is Really a Malkavian

Chris is really a Brujah

He is really one of Chastity Hills Childre

He has survived a Psychic Assault

He is crazier then the 3 Malkavians in his pack, combined.

Crashed the 2011 Grand Elysium in San Francisco

Knows Abyss Mysticism

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