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Current Leader Archbishop Black Cat
Headquarters Richmond, VA
Nickname Central Virginia
Contact Fredericksburg: Caine's Chosen STs



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Important Locations

Headquarters: Club Velvet

Other Locations




Prominent Members

Other Members:


Status: 16: Battle-Scarred, Blessed, Blooded, Confirmed, Devoted, Enlightened, Faultless, Feared, Feared, Fortified, Gifted, Infamous, Initiated, Proven, Respected, Trustworthy

Quote: "If it annoys me, it is probably unwise. Consider before taking any action whether my learning of it would incur my ire, and base your decisions accordingly." The Consistory's official Priscus in the region, advising the Archbishop and Bishops, though he despises Black Cat and tried very very hard to prevent him from reaching his seat. He was very nearly successful. Black Cat does his best not to have to contact Duality, which suits him just fine. Duality is a past Master Koldun, and has learned the legendary Jaws of the Dracon, a power only whispered of in legend. He has had occasion to use it to eliminate three Baali hives in the only way they can be destroyed: Total Annihilation. Duality has his clan's disdain for Lasombra in spades, and generally tries to maneuver them out of power when he can and advance Tzimisce aims.

Nationally Important

Regionally Important

Locally Important

OOC Note

OOC: If you believe the information listed here is incorrect or you believe your NPC/PC should be listed among the members, please contact the Sabbat Team member in charge, listed at the top of this page.

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