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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Hedonist, Queen, Fate Witch

Appearance:Celest is a breathtakingly beautiful fireball of a woman. She stands about 5'7" in height and appears to be in her early twenties. She has the fair skin of a wealthy European woman with loose curled Chestnut colored hair streaked with bright blue dye that brings out her eyes. She has a sexy slim curvy Figure and a mischievous ready smile. Her left hand is missing and in it's place is a hand of beautiful carved elaborate Jade that eerily moves as if it were her own hand. Celest owns any room she walks into with a combination of haughtiness and sex appeal, the self styled Queen of the Ashfords is always decked out to the nines in her own unique sense of fashion in her signature blue and white, usually in an Asian style. Ever the fashionista Celest is rarely seen in the same clothes twice and usually coordinating to match her brother, chase. (appearance 5, sexy merit, bearing of Kings)

Detailed Status:

Reputational Status:

  • Enriched
  • Fortified
  • Blessed

Positional Status:

  • Initiated
  • Diplomatic
  • Enlightened

Character Information

  • Initiated 1901
  • appeared in Russia 1914
  • reappeared in America in 1970
  • Moved to New Haven 2017
  • October 2018 Named Consul by the Cardinal of Mumbai: Towards the fire

Known History

Not much is known about Chase Ashford's mysterious "twin" Celest. She appeared by his side in a whirlwind of moxy in 2017 making a splash for herself in the dioceses, quickly settling in as if she had always been there. Celest's history is shrouded in mystery but one thing is clear, her unwavering dedication to her brother, Chase, and the rest of the Ashford family. A servant of fate, and hedonistic firecracker, Celest is ever a unique experience, often setting even the most powerful and assured Cainites off balance with her frank confident demeanor and critical sass.



Swords of Fate



Celest and her Brother Chase


Celest doesn't tend to publicize her enemies, preferring to take them by surprise, but there are a few Cainites who have certainly rubbed her the wrong way over the years who she hasn't been shy about her opinions of.


Sire: Marissa Ashford
Lineage: Chase Ashford (broodmate), Janette Ashford (broodmate), Tory S. Ashford (Broodmate), Donovan P. Ashford (broodmate), Cherry Ashford (Childe)


  • Celest is rumored to have Diablerized the Ventrue Elder Rolands
  • Celest is rumored to keep the Mayor of New Haven as her personal bitch
  • Celest is rumored to hate Erika Stien
  • Celest is rumored to be a priestess of a sex cult

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Sect: Sabbat ••••• •
City: New Haven, CT
Player: [1]
Storyteller: Lex L.

Former pack Sanguinis Angeli: Keyuri, Echo, Celest, Chase, Marissa




Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Year Embraced: 1857 CE
Path: Diamond Thunderbolt 2

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Swords of Fate
Faction: none
Position: Consul

Status: (6)

Initiated, Blessed, Enlightened, Enriched, Fortified, Diplomatic


"Oh honey Bee, I'm not Chase's bitch, he's mine."

To Antonio Devareaux upon her arrival

"I can show you the path to heaven, I assure you you will enjoy the journey immensely."

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