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It was March 9, 1985 in a secluded part of Mexico City. The flames of the fire dance raged high as cainites from around North America gathered for the Festivo dello Estinto. Amongst those gathered were the remnants of several broken packs, each having survived the most tragic event a sabbat vampire can experience. They came in ones and twos, some sought the death they should have met with their former pack mates, others wanted to conquer the beast within. By dawn they had found a commonality, something to unit them, the thrill of the leap, the beating of the drums, the rush that lasts days later. Regardless of what brought them there, they had all found new life in the dance. As the fire died and the dance ended, the Brass Ring rose from the ashes of the broken packs.

Modus Operandi

Within the Sabbat there are three things cainites typically associate with the Brass Ring. First, the fire dance. They are often the first to arrive at one, if they didn't set it up, and almost always the last to leave. Second, Noddism. All full members of the pack are known to be noddist and with few exceptions members of the Brass Ring are followers of the Path of Caine. Several of the pack's members are reputed to be some of the path's most devout followers. Third, Panders. They are known to be ardent supporters of the Pander Movement with a strong loyalist bent.

The Brass Ring is a quintessential nomad pack. In recent years it's size has ebbed and flowed as it grew larger and then hived off alumni packs. They typically travel North America managing their network of contacts and allies. Outside of Cainite society little is known of the Brass Ring and they make a point to keep it that way. They have accomplished this by developing several facades that allow them to interface with mortal society when they need to.

The Brass Ring's Alter for Ritae
The most prevalently used mask is The Shepherds a network of motorcycle clubs that has chapters throughout the United States and Canada. When traveling the Brass Ring will often pose as one of these chapters. This allows them to bring news or instructions from the club's near mythical leader "Danny". To date mortal law enforcement has not been able to pin down a clear description of "Danny" and are beginning to believe "Danny" is actually a title used within the club to designate a leader. Despite the lack of a clear description, stories abound of Danny's many death deifying feats. These feats can largely be attributed to the Brass Ring's involvement in the Shepherds' more illicit business dealings, but a few may be attributable to their games of instinct. One story in particular asserts that while involved in a high speed chase Danny was thrown over a hundred feet when his bike slammed into a barrier erected by the police. According to the legend he stood up, apparently unfazed by the incident, and walked to the police line. He then summarily beat the two police officers to death with a baseball bat before driving off in their cruiser.

The second most prevalent mask is the 2nd Church of Enoch. Congregations of this small church, which blends catholic ritual with the inspirational baptist tradition, have been springing up in areas the Brass Ring frequent. These churches provide the pack with inroads to the church and occult communities they often need to accomplish their noddic research.

Sermons of Caine

Danny, Lex, and Jack

A call and response taken from Robbie’s sermon on of the Babylonian fragment
As Caine stood against Michael; we dance among the flames
As Caine was beset by Raphael; we dance in the sun
As Caine overcomes Uriel; we drink of the cup and stand united
As Caine’s awakening was bestowed by Gabriel; we follow the Road of Nod

Pack Members

The Brass Ring

Deceased Members: These pack members have met their final death.

  • Brian
  • Christen
  • Danny
  • Edwardo
  • James
  • Jessie
  • Jo-anna
  • Misty
  • Rick

Alumni These individuals once called the Brass Ring home, but have moved onto other packs in good graces.

Alumni Packs

These packs trace their lineage and training to the Brass Ring, having split off when the pack grew too large and adequate leaders emerged.





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