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The Spanish explorer De Soto passed through a Timucuan village or province named Ocali near the present site of Ocala during his famous expedition, in around 1539. Loosely translated, Ocali meaning: "Kingdom of the sun". The modern city of Ocala was established in 1846 near the site of Fort King, a military outpost of the Seminole Wars.

With the new world being carved up by the forces of the Camarilla and the Sabbat, many Cainites fled to the newly tamed swamps of Florida. The Sabbat held sway, as most of the Camarilla forces were unwilling to suffer the swamp and the local Garou. Rail service reached Ocala in June 1881, encouraging economic development and bringing with it more Cainites, this group of wanting to break away from the Camarilla (these young neonates would later become the modern Anarch Movement). This influx of mortal and Cainite populations caused friction and constant infighting among the supernatural populations.

These rogue Cainites who would not yield to either the Sabbat or Camarilla's control attempted a drastic measure. Gathering their forces, they planned a march on Ocala, willing to burn the Sabbat out. Two years later, much of the Ocala downtown area was destroyed by fire on Thanksgiving Day, 1883. Buildings were rebuilt with brick, granite, and steel rather than lumber. By 1888, Ocala was known state-wide as "The Brick City." The rogue Cainites did not count on the Bratovitch family's deep connections within Ocala, as the city was promptly rebuilt and they were driven from the city up north in a grand show of unity and force by the Sword of Caine.

In 1982, these rogue Cainites returned, calling themselves the Anarch Movement. They came from the south this time, pushing up from Orlando. Bishop Gruber’s rule was challenged by a young Lasombra named Luciano and he fell, though some say Luciano used uncalled for and improper methods during the Monomacy. Bishop Luciano and Bishop Ruthven, now sole rulers of the territory, squabbled for many years until 2004 where it is said Bishop Ruthven's pack was attacked by Anarchs and the powerful magic user was torpored. Recently, new leadership has arisen in the form of new packs who have traveled form all over the New World. They have defeated Luciano and now control his territory, pushing Anarchs away. Peace only lasted so long however, as the diocese is beset by many sides, including from within.

Since (the now awakened) Archbishop Borgani Ruthven has arisen and taken control over the larger region, many Cainites have staked a claim to the title of Bishop of the city. They've included Grand Papi Diablo, Misha Lengyel, Preston Austin, Ambrose Bierce and Soroush amongst others. The area remains under assault from forces such as the Tremere of Daytona Beach, local Setites and Giovanni dug in deep, and the infernal. So much chaos has been inflicted on the besieged area in fact, a separate Loyalist group of former neo-Carthaginians have been allowed to take neighboring Silver Springs as a separate Diocese.

Contrary to popular belief, Ocala and St. Petersburg are not the same city. They are in fact, close to 120 miles apart.

The area is still very much in flux, with new alliances of Cainites of differing packs attempting to still internal strife, and focus them all towards ending one or another of the threats present.

To contact the STs of Ocala Sabbat: Hell is Taken, (OSHiT), send an email here: Ocala Sabbat Staff


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