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*"''Are you safe? Do you ''feel'' safe?''"
*"''Are you safe? Do you ''feel'' safe?''"
*"''How do the fascists always have the hottest women?''"   
*"''How do the fascists always have the hottest women?''"   
*"If half of us weren't held together with Quell and hatred at this point, Night of the Living Deading this place would be hysterical."

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Clan Malkavian Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Priest
Status 3
Domain Northern Maine
Pack Squad Goals
Path Caine
Faction Loyalist
Faction Importance Local
Player Alex Welch

Cassie White


All About Me

Real Name: Cassandra Louise White

Nicknames: Everyone calls me "Cassie"- you should too.

Apparent Age: You tell me.

Contact Info: You can get me via message here. I'm also on IG @cassie_complex. Find me - I'll follow you back!

Physical description: I'm about 5'6", and have been playing with my hair. I'm rockin' a serious undercut these days - it's pretty much like a wide mohawk. I dress kinda casual and kinda sporty if I can get away with it. I'd say I'm "bohemian gym rat goes to the festival" or something. You can figure it out.

Social Standing

Positional Status:

  • Initiated as True Sabbat by Bishop Mara Vandal
  • Enlightened as Priestess of Squad Goals

Reputational Status:

  • A Firebrand of the Loyalist Party according to Jo Babson.


Squad Goals
Avery Hunter
Cassie White

Avery Hunter - ductus
Cassie White - priestess
Jo Babson - abbot
Charlie Horse - sister

Jo Babson
Charlie Horse


These folks aren't in my Squad, but they're lit AF. #squadgoals



I'm not a fan of anyone who fucks with me or my sisters. So far, so good.

But I'm sure some fuckboy will comment on somebody's ass and will end up on the list after getting multiple bones broken.

Don't be that guy.


I was turned by Her Excellency Mara Vandal, Bishop of New Haven. She wanted an assistant - I thought she was trying to fuck me. That situation has been pretty consistent. Yeah, the Bishop's kid joined the Loyalists. She's not bad - just entrenched in the old, shitty patriarchy. Love you Mom, but you know the system is fixed. Get the fuck out. Please.


Not to get all #IStandWithPlannedParenthood on y'all, but I almost had one before I was ready. Now I've got my shit figured out, I'm open to the possibility. I'm not figuratively just bringing someone home from the bar, but U-Haul jokes are a thing. We'll see who catches my eye.


People complain that I talk too much. If I listened to the haters and STFU, we wouldn't get these gems:

  • "Assholes shot footage on their phones and are trying to sell it to CNN by now. It's too late - I can't shut down Twitter."
  • "Are you safe? Do you feel safe?"
  • "How do the fascists always have the hottest women?"
  • "If half of us weren't held together with Quell and hatred at this point, Night of the Living Deading this place would be hysterical."


Spotify doesn't have Lemonade, so I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. Here's a Youtube playlist for you instead.


  • Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
  • Formation - Beyoncé
  • Bad Girls - M.I.A.
  • Tear the House Up - Hervé x Zebra Katz
  • Dangerous- Big Data (ft. Joywave)
  • Road to Hell - Sleigh Bells
  • Don't Hurt Yourself - Beyoncé (ft. Jack White)
  • Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
  • All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
  • Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
  • Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé
  • Voodoo in My Blood - Massive Attack (ft. Young Fathers)
  • You Don't Own Me - Grace (ft.G-Eazy)
  • Killing in the Name - Brass Against the Machine (ft. Sophia Urista)
  • Oh Bondage, Up Yours - X-Ray Spex
  • I Can Change - LCD Soundsystem
  • Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya
  • A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
  • Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells
  • Thicker Than Dust - K. Flay
  • For Tammy Rae - Bikini Kill


People say dumb shit sometimes. Some of this could be true. Some of this could be bullshit. I'm gonna let you figure it out. Defending myself seems pointless - you wouldn't believe me anyways.

  • Pretty sure she's dating a handful of different mortals and seems "more than friends" with about half her pack.
  • Although she's not ductus, she runs the pack like a cult and is in control.
  • She's pretending to be new and naive. She's really Bishop Vandal's Templar undercover in the Loyalists.
  • She once faced Bishop Grendel in solo combat and landed the first blow.
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