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Clan Ravnos Antitribu
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Status 4
Domain Nomad
Pack Harbingers of Despair
Path Mayaparisatya •••
Faction Loyalist
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Player Daniel Scooby
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Bodhi showing some moves

Alias(es): The Hindu Warrior, Wind, Bod.

Real Name: Bodhidharma (Death Name)

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: Martial Arts Student

Physical description:1,70m (5,58 ft.), 135kg (297 lbs.). Fat. Brown skin, Dark hair, have a few scars over the body. Always dressed to combat, or a monk robe.

Detailed Status:

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Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Open your Chakra

Born and raised in Nova Deli, the young warrior was a student in a temple as monk and a martial art student. By the age of 11 he have send to another temple in the country side. Learn how to live just from what the nature could give to him. After a few years, a stranger walk into the temple doors at a night and asked him for a challenge. Bodhidharma accepted and won the contest. After this night, He walks away and traveled to a few cities challenge all the students of martial arts, in exchange for food and a place to sleep. Of course a lot of defeated people just deny the prize.

A few years later, the same guy changelled him again, and this time, he faced the man with all his force and power. Of couse he loses, and the price for that was his life. Now your only way to fight is aganist the camarilla. The young warrior was dead, and now he raise as a dead warrior using the name of Bodhidharma. He was reborned as a God.

After a few years trevalling with his sire. He traveled on to Nova York, and start to chase his own fate, and run with the wind, and travel to where his fate choose. He arrive in the city of Pindamonhangaba, to fight at the side of his packmates and defeat the Camarilla and the Crazy Mage.


Harbingers of Despair

It was a warm moonless night with a soft and fresh south wind. Bodhidharma had been walking (literally) for almost a month, just following that soft south breeze. Then, one night, he was found by Void and Preacher. And for the first time he realized he would no longer need to be a nomadic sabbat. He was initiated in the pack and on the same night, punished and blessed by his very own priest.

Ever since that night Bodhidharma runs with the pack, but he is still a free spirit and sometimes go for lone travels, but he always returns to the pack. It’s his way of saying that the Harbingers are his family and home.



The Crazy Mage



Fildora has been whatching Bodhidharma a long time, and by the time she just want to make his life change, take his life and give another one. They never spoke of what happen in that night, but in some way thay walked a few time together. Fildora teach him the basic and leave, just like she does when embraced him.





Character Inspirations



The real victory is to conquer your enemy without using force.
Trully? Not a single fight?
I fight like the wind, no one can caught me. Talking with Fildora
No Archebishop, freedom is my guide.
I will bow to you, when i fell respect to you. Not because you earned some tittle that not belong to you.


Once up a time...
  • Have deafeat the Arsenal, a powerfull Lasombra warrior.
  • He is very peacefull and look like he is in balance with the beast.
  • Bodhidharma has learned a lot of secrets and has been training by the Elder of the Clan Ravnos.
  • Have trained a few "iniciated" over the world.
  • He is not a ravnos.
  • He is a punder, that learned chimestry.
  • Have turned his back to the own pack, more than once.
  • Once, he traveled to Africa and learned secrets with some strange vampires that live there.
  • Some say he travel and spend too much time on India, China and Japan. This is why she don´t understand some of the western society.
  • He discovery some secrets that annoyed some kindred
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