Beatrice Elizabeth McNicoles

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Clan Malkavian Antitribu
Sect Position N/A
Pack Position N/A
Status 4+1-1
Domain Virginia
Pack N/A
Path Humanity ••••
Faction Loyalist
Faction Importance Local
Player Krystyna Lee



Beatrice when she was first found in Richmond, Virginia

Alias(es): B, Bee, Prey, Rabbit

Real Name: Beatrice Elizabeth McNicoles

Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties

Concept: Sweetheart Victorian Clock Maker

Physical description: Beatrice is a slim, Caucasian female who stands at about 5'6". Her facial features are difficult to see given the near full face mask that she wears that only keeps her mouth uncovered, which is soft and almond shaped. From her face to those features that are visible, she appears to be a young woman in her mid-twenties. She often wears modest, Victorian styled dresses that sometimes have a more revealing declotage but more often than not, the Malkavian is well covered. Preferring shades of dark blues, whites, greys, and blacks, she almost always has her long, brunette hair up as was traditional in the 19th century, wears lace gloves, and does not wear much jewelry if any.

Beatrice speaks with a distinct English accent

Demeanor: Beatrice is a bubbly, kindhearted young woman who never uses expletives or other unsavory language. She is extremely polite in her speech, sometimes so much so that she comes off as overly apologetic. Meek in some regards, in recent Nights, she has shown a sort of humbled steel when faced with adversity, particularly as it relates to her humanity and the persecution of her like minded Brothers and Sisters.

She takes absolute delight in animals, modern contraptions, and domestics, including sweeping and dusting.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status

Reputational Status

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Character Information

A more recent photo of Beatrice

Known History

Beatrice Elizabeth McNicoles was found in the summer of 2017 locked away - and staked - inside of an antique Swiss grandfather clock in an antiquities store in the Archdiocese of the Virginias (then the Archdiocese of Virginia). According to her, prior to her Embrace, Beatrice was the eldest daughter of four girls. Her father was lost to his service in the military, leaving her Mother, her sisters, and herself, to take residence in her Grandfather's flat and shop. Her Grandfather, a master Swiss clocksmith, eventually took to tutoring her in the ways of classic clockwork and carpentry to her great elation and to her mother's utmost outrage.

On one fateful night, a splinter group of Sabbat who had lost some of their Brothers and Sisters to local hunters swept through the district, embracing canon fodder in an attempt to liberate the imprisoned Sword. Having left for a time to finish an errand, Beatrice returned to her home to find that this splinter group had targeted her family, slaughtering all but her Grandfather. Ultimately, her Grandfather was killed in front of her before she herself was Embraced after being forced to don the mask made as a joint project between Grandfather and Granddaughter, and forced to ingest all of the raw ingredients for a three tiered cake.

Freshly Embraced, Beatrice and the others were all deployed on the hunters' stronghold which resulted in the successful retrieval of the Sabbat's own, but also a raging fire that had consumed an entire block made thanks to Beatrice's fractured mind. She fled, returning to her Grandfather's shop, only to be found again by those that had Embraced her. For her service, they Initiated her, only to then stake and stow her away due to the liability she presented.

Her time in Virginia found her settling into a pack with several other Malkavians at the time, including Shelly Carter. It was little secret that the two were quite fond of each other.


Beatrice as seen in Cronus' vision

Beatrice found herself embroiled in accusations of Treason soon after two keys events took place: the Malkavian crisis resulting in mass hysteria to all those on the Cobweb and mounting tensions surrounding Beatrice's humane disposition. Seeking out aid from a neighboring Malkavian Consul from the Camarilla, Beatrice submitted to punishment as deemed by Archbishop Liyu Naya and the Inquisition's Judge Inquisitor Cornelius Kriminel. Soon after, Lady V, Vasantasena, intervened, which lead to Beatrice taking her leave from the Virginias and finding herself a newly made Firebrand of the Loyalists. She has been noted as pledging to stand up against those who would see lesser of Brothers and Sisters who still maintain their humanity, stating that they were not lesser, and were in fact, integral for the Sabbat's survival given their ease of interacting with humans.

Soon after, she was named Protected by Templar Mara Vandal.


A mass vision hit all Malkavians after the annual Baltimore gathering of the Ivory Tower, showing the aftermath of the Coronati's reunion. The games the Methuselahs had played resulted in the Eater rebranding himself as Cronus. As a result of his rebirth, Cronus sought out the Noddist scholar and Mnemosyne, Aristole de Laurent, who had abducted Beatrice presumably at the gathering of Malkavians under the Treaty of Smoke which had taken place during the aforementioned Baltimore gathering. After executing Aristole, Cronus freed Beatrice, telling the Malkavian: "Burn it all down, little rabbit. Then start again."

Presumably, Beatrice is well in health and has returned to her current home in Connecticut.

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