Avery Hunter

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Clan Brujah Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 7
Domain Northern Maine
Pack Squad Goals
Path Honorable Accord •••
Faction Black Hand
Faction Importance ???
Player Sheryl W





Real Name: Avery Hunter

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Inquisitive and passionate, trying to figure everything out especially herself.

Physical description: 5'6", short curly red hair, blue eyes. Generally keeps it simple in jeans and tshirt but cleans up well when she wants,

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

During 2018 EC somehow ended up on the mission to the Black Monastery.

September 2018 was the culmination of months of difficulties with a local Mormon cult, made up of humans with Faith, Coraxes, and one crazy-ass vampire, who took exception to the Cainites in the area. A group of Cainites stormed the cult's compound to end the cult's threat. Avery was badly injured in the battle. The same fight killed two others including her broodmate Ginny. Afterward Ginny's pack Squad Goals asked her to fill Ginny's shoes as Ductus which she accepted.

Was guided onto the Path of Honorable Accord by Mathew St. Hubert making the jump to her Path at Ecumenical Council 2019. This Ecumenical council also included being glitter bombed, fighting in the jungle, and getting a giant ass sword.

2019 largely revolved around her pursuit of Ginny's killer who escaped. She planned to make sure when she found whoever it was they didn't survive the encounter. It hasn't stopped her from also investigating other goings-on including a missing archbishop, his AWOL templars, and the mysterious magic dampening building in Halifax that he used as his headquarters.

Challenged Bishop Maxime Valac to monomacy over his gross negligence in leading the diocese. He chose Exile over Final Death. Afterward, the Diocese of Northern Maine declined to have a bishop, instead being run by a council of ducti.

Led one of the teams into battle during the Crusade to retake Boston from the Daeva.

In March 2020 she got as close to Ginny's killer as she has gotten so far. With a large group of other Cainites, she assaulted his location and took out many of his mortal and Corax allies. He taunted her with bodies made to look like her fallen sister. But at the end of the night, he slipped through her fingers yet again. Finally in April, along with a small group of Cainites including Squad Goals, they hunted down and torpored Ginny's killer. Avery's sword landing the final blows that felled him. Fulfilling the promise she made to her dead broodmate, she diablerized him.

The remainder of 2020 she was frequently seen traveling around the country and even to Brazil to fight demons in the Amazon.

Recently a known member of the Black Hand.


Squad Goals



Ezra Baron

Gabriel Marcos-Savoy Devereaux

Arisu rainey Devereaux




Mostly dead


Tony Maietta


Orion Phoenix


Montana Scott

Ginny Thomas (Dead)

Character Inspirations

Jessica Jones

The question of what happens when a fundamentally good and idealistic person gets Embraced and thrown headfirst into the Sabbat (It's been a rough ride)


Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

Jessica Jones Theme

Spotify Playlist


"I fucking hate magma."

"I'm starting to understand why Mathew sighs so much."

"Stop trying to bait the Inquisition."

"I made a promise to Ginny."

"It's more Abyss bullshit isn't it?"


-Is really not Mace's childre.

-Really is Mace's childre but really doesn't want to admit it.

-Hates living under Mace's shadow.

-Embraced a childre just to piss her sire off.

-Embraced a childre just because it was getting the same beating she got.

-Adopted as Gabriel Devereaux's niece

-Embrace caused their sire's Priest The Prior to quit the position.

-Secretly a Loyalist, working to stop Bishops from establishing in Northern Maine.

-Oquossoc is Avery’s Assamite shadow.

-Cannot escape Mace's shadow no matter how hard she tries.

-Arisu's emotional support Brute.

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