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Clan Harbingers of Skulls
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Domain Central Virginia
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Path Humanity ••
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Player Scott Holden
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Real Name: Atticus Wolf

Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Concept: Subtle Manipulator

Physical description: Extremely tall skeletal figure. He is the stuff of nightmares to those who survive looking upon him.

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Character Information


I wonder when it began. I wonder when in my youth I listened to the first screams of pain or fear, and didn't recoil. I think it was in 1982 when I was four years old. I don't remember it exactly, but my father tells me that I simply wandered off. One minute I was standing with him, while he was working on his classic 1969 Chevelle SS, and the next I had wondered off. My father and the police searched the streets of Richmond for me for nearly four hours before they found me sitting down in an alley talking to no one. When the police came to collect me, I told them a wild tale. “She wanted you to know where she was. She said that her family deserves to know what happened to her. She says that they deserve that much.” With a shaking hand, I pointed to a bloody dumpster.

I remember the story much differently though. I remember talking to my father when this very nice black woman started talking to me about how family was a beautiful thing. She was startled when I spoke back to her. I didn't see her, but she was very nice, so I followed her direction, and she led me to that alley. I didn't understand that I was talking to a ghost, until afterwards; Edith told me she could now pass on knowing her family received closure. She said that I should tell her family not to be mad at her attackers, but to take heart that she was with God now, and then I never heard her again.

I watched the TV a few years later when that lady's murderer was released. The lawyers said that there was insufficient evidence. I remember being mad at that man, because he would never know how beautiful of a thing he destroyed. The worst part was that that man could never understand the lady he murdered, and I hated him for it. From then on, I stopped telling people when I spoke to ghosts.

I eventually grew up and graduated high school. I didn't have many friends, as most people didn't like the weird tall kid that always seemed to talk to himself. I discovered in my time that ghosts came in a few different varieties. There were the ghosts that just wanted someone to talk to about their troubled lives, and others that wanted something small done, so that they could pass on. I did what I could to help them, but there were other kinds of ghosts too. There are ghosts who can only pass on if they got revenge for wrongs committed against them both real and imagined. These ghosts I wouldn't help, and they eventually became the worst kind of ghosts. They became vicious terrible ghosts that lash out at anything living, and since I had a reputation of sorts with the dead people on Central Virginia, they tended to lash out at me.

Death became sort of a fascination with me. I found myself reading in the newspaper about violent crimes, and where they took place. I would go to that place a few days later, and see if I could find the spirit of the victims. It was rare, but when I did, I tried to comfort them. This is when I met Gerard.

Gerard was a good man in life, and a fine friend in death. Gerard didn't have many friends in life, so he just wanted someone to talk to, and I was happy to oblige, because truth be told, I had few friends as well. We were an inseparable pair, and were it not for Gerard; I might never have gotten through College, or met Faith.

I was accepted into the Virginia Commonwealth University, and my parents were very proud when I said I wanted to practice medicine. In truth I wanted to study the brain, and discover where the soul is truly held, as it seems that it exists, and I had a strange talent for being able to speak to both sides, so I could discover what no one else could. When you study anatomy, you are forced to learn about hundreds of different things though, and most of them were quite boring, so Gerard helped me cheat often, by reading to me the instructors notes while I was taking tests. The papers almost failed me out, as I didn't know most of the material, but I eventually passed with enough credits to let me graduate. I clearly didn't have what it took to make it to a full Medical Doctor.

It was my “skill” at test taking that landed me the opportunity to work with Faith Edwards. She was studying to become a forensic psychiatrist, and some of our classes overlapped. Faith was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and she wanted to study with me, as I was apparently a wiz with the material. Unfortunately, I wasn't what she thought I was at all, and I was afraid she would stop spending time with me, so I told her my secret.

In hindsight, it was a stupid idea. “Well no I am not actually very good at what I do, I have a ghost get me the answers from the teacher.” I was surprised then that she was amazed and fascinated by it. I only had to prove it to her once, and she wasn't afraid at all. She must have been just as crazy as I was. Gerard could do some small tricks, like scratch things into walls if he tried hard enough, so it didn't take much effort to prove to Faith that I wasn't crazy. She wanted to learn everything I knew about them, and I was happy to teach.

School wasn't for me, so I left it, and finally discovered the job that would help me do what I loved, and get paid for it. I had enough education to be a Mortician, and a few more classes later, I became certified enough for autopsies, and I dove right in. I had the least education of all the other coroners in Richmond, but was the most respected because I had the greatest results. I would simply speak to the ghosts of the victims, and reverse engineer a crime screen from their testimony, using the physical evidence of the body. If I couldn't find a ghost, I would give the job to another person, because I wasn't any good at putting things together without them.

I eventually married Faith, when she graduated, and we made a family here in Richmond. She got a job at the police department, dealing with almost more dead bodies than me with all her investigations. We were clearly the creepiest parents on the PTA, and our little girl Adriana liked it that way, so it worked out. Our lives were turning out pretty well, even though we were surrounded by death all the time. We were building something truly beautiful, and as with most beautiful things I encounter in my life, it was ripe for destruction…

I think it was about six years ago when I began to notice Faith becoming very reclusive. She stayed out all night and came home worn out and smelling of cigarettes and pain. She would pretend that it was nothing, but she was changing, I could see it in her eyes. She was getting short tempered and pale. One morning, well after sunrise, I caught her sneaking in, having stolen my badge. She said she had to check in on a case, but it was bullshit, and we both knew it. I though she was cheating on me. God I wish she was just cheating on me! I got tired of it, and asked Gerard to follow her. The story he told me when he returned was so much worse.

Now I know what happened to her now, but then I thought she had joined some crazy blood cult. She had been turned into a ghoul, for some local Cainite. I couldn't possibly have known what to do then, so I did nothing. I was afraid of loosing her, but now I wish I had done something.

One night, I had to work late, because we were getting a lot of 'customers', and someone had to tag them. I remember getting the body bag just like all the others. I stacked them, just like all the others, and only realized who it was when I opened it up, to clean the body up. There she was, without a drop of blood in her body, just a beautiful as the day she was born; my little Adrianna.

I reeled back from it, and yelled for Gerard. He came to me, and tried to calm me down. I wrapped Adrianna in my arms and just cried. I was there for what seemed like hours, and the first face I saw was Faith's staring at me from across the room. She had tears flowing down her face too, but her features didn't betray any grief. “Don't worry Atticus. She pleased the master, so he gave her a good death. We can create others just like her. We should create more for him.”

I don't recall exactly what I felt during that time, but I know what I did. I looked at Faith and my entire life with her flashed before my eyes. I remembered what we did together for our honey moon, and I remember where we met. Everything we were came down to this moment, and I was not one to miss an opportunity to rise to the occasion.

I slowly rounded the table while Gerard was yelling at me to stop and think about what I was doing. I held out my arms to accept her love, but when she closed in, I grabbed her by the neck. Faith fought to release herself from my hold, but she was so very small, and could do little about her predicament even though she was significantly stronger than I remembered her being. I dragged her to an empty examination table, and broke a bottle of isopropyl alcohol on her forehead, holding my arm over her face. She wasn't supposed to be conscious for long after that, but she bit deep into my arm, and I recoiled, so she ran. I slipped in the alcohol, but managed to grab her leg. She spun around and kicked me in the head harder than I think I had ever been hit before, and she escaped.

When I regained consciousness, I had to clean and prepare my own daughter's body. The COD was undeniable, even without the assistance of her ghost. Gerard tried to help me through my grief, but there was simply nothing that could be done to make me content with loosing my daughter to a blood drinking wife. I simply couldn't allow Faith to get away with what she did, so I went to the police, and told them my story, but for some reason they kept telling me that there wasn't enough evidence. She wasn't at her work, because she was grieving over the loss of her child, her boss told me.

I simply had to find her again, and if the police wouldn't punish her, then I had to, along with her 'master'. I promised Gerard that I only wanted to make things right with Faith, and he helped me look into it. He went out each night and searched for Faith. When he found her, he followed her to where she was staying after our fight. Gerard complained about being followed everywhere by other ghosts as a result of it, but I promised him I would help him rid himself of that afterwards, and he continued. Gerard told me about others that worked for this 'master', but didn't drink his blood, and where I could find them. Gerard told me that I should use that information to give to the police, and get them all arrested. I had enough dirt, with his help to bury my wife for receiving bribes, and working for a mobster, but when I tried, the police just ignored me. They took my statements and nothing ever happened. It was like someone was crushing the cases from the inside; it had to be Faith.

Gerard told me I should drop it, but I had enough. Bad things happening to innocent people, was just too much for me to handle. I was obsessed. I poured into old case files looking for other instances of similar CODs, and researched their resolutions. I searched for connections for months. I personally exhumed some of the corpses to see if I could find anymore information on what happened. Gerard told me I was going too far, and said he wouldn't help me anymore if I didn't slow down, but I didn't need him anymore. I found a few of this 'masters' other servants, and interrogated them. A few ounces of chloroform on a rag, and when I tied them to my examination table, I got all the answers I wanted to hear.

These tips led me to other tips, which was great because Gerard left. He said he wasn't going to help me go down this path. I told him good riddance; I didn't need him anymore if he wasn't going to help me. Besides there were other ghosts out there that understood my plight. I met a new friend who talked to me all the time; his name was Luscious. When my questions were done, the John or Jane Does simply got piled with the others, to be incinerated in a few weeks when no one stepped forward to claim them.

It took almost a year, but I found her. She had moved into a large mansion on the south end of town that apparently her master bought for her. I waited outside of her mansion very early in the morning, knowing she would be out working for her 'master' all night, and she would be tired when she got home. Just after the break of dawn, her new Cadillac pulled into the driveway, and she stepped out. She had changed her style of dress since I had seen her last. Now she was in tight leathers and high heels. She was no less gorgeous, but that didn't seem to matter to me anymore. I just wanted her to pay. I slipped up to her. She was terribly tired from 'working' all night, so she had little energy to fight me, and the chloroform worked its magic quickly.

While I stripped her down, and tied her to my examination table back at the office, I couldn't help but think of how much of my life was taken from me in one night. I loved Faith and my Adrianna more than anything, and they were both taken from me in one night. Faith could never be the same again, she was somehow brainwashed. I started to blame her for everything that went wrong in my life, especially my inability to become an MD, and pursue my life's true passion. When I grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head, she started coming around as she groaned in pain at the rough treatment. I placed the wooden head stool, and dropped her head onto it. She started crying again, and mewling about how she stilled loved me, and if only I had met the master, I would understand.

That burned in my soul more than anything that had before. I would understand if I met the murderer of my child. I would not understand, and the master wouldn't either. That is truly why I hate them so much. He will never understand how beautiful of a thing he destroyed.

As my anger grew, so too did my refusal to allow her any more control over my life. I reminded her how I always wanted to be a doctor, so I could discover where in the brain, the soul truly was kept. Now I had this perfect specimen to start testing. She screamed and groaned, but not for long. As I think back now, it was a messy affair, and I really didn't learn much. In hindsight I found it funny that this must be the first autopsy to discover that the COD was the autopsy; well I thought it was funny. I threw what was once Faith in a bag, and marked her as a Jane Doe. In two months, when no one stepped forward to claim the body, I personally threw her in the incinerator and watched what had become simultaneously the best and worst thing that had ever happen to me burn.

I wish I could have thanked Faith, but I never found her ghost. There were many more though. There were others who would manipulate and control perfectly good people and destroy their lives, and I couldn't stand for it.

Sure the cops were investigating Faith's disappearance, and well the others that started cropping up while my search for the 'master' continued, but they never found the bodies, so the vast majority of the physical evidence was gone. I do have an incinerator in the next room from where I do my questioning, so they never will. All the while, my new friend Luscious and I searched for the culprits, and it was only a matter of time.

It was a little less than three years ago, when I cracked the code. I had found him, and I was going to finish this once and for all. It was then that Luscious started changing the way he spoke to me. He told me not to move against this 'master'. He would take care of it. I told him that this blood sucking man must be killed for his crimes, and anyone like him. Luscious understood, but he told me that I knew not was I was involved in, and I should move on. I yelled at him, telling him that if he started speaking like Gerard, I would ignore him, but he changed the line of questioning on me completely.

He asked what I had left in my life. It made me think just about what I had left. I had no child to carry on my lineage, no wife to spend y old age with, and in my obsession I never even attended my parents' funerals. It was just me, and my obsession and hatred. Luscious asked me if I was comfortable living that life, and honestly I told him I was. My life was destroyed; I was already dead. I told him that I needed his help though, and I asked him not to leave. I couldn't do what needed to be done without help from his side of the shroud. His words put me in deep contemplation, and I thought about using what I know of ghosts and killing myself in such a way to guarantee I would become a ghost, so I could continue my work more effectively, and he responded as if he heard my thoughts. If that is what you wish, you should do just that.

I confided that, I couldn't effectively do what needed to be done on either side of the shroud, and then Luscious finally opened me up to his true intentions. He told me that it was possible to exist on both sides. I was curious to say the least, and he began to tell me a story.

He told me about a time when his family accepted another family close to their bosom. They learned to love their new family, and shared with them everything. Together they researched knowledge and cared for each other. One night those new family members betrayed all the love they were given, and attacked the old family. I knew Luscious wasn't talking about me, but I couldn't help but think of Faith, and our beautiful little girl. I couldn't help but feel the correlation.

He told me about how the new brothers and sisters systematically destroyed all that he and his brothers and sisters had created without care for what was being lost. I collapsed to the tile floor thinking of Adrianna, and how much I hated and loved Faith at the same time. Luscious told me that he and his family had been almost completely consumed by their new brothers, and were forced into hiding for longer than he could begin to explain. The ghost's words fell on deaf ears now.

“I hate you Faith, for what you did to us, but mostly I am sad for what we could have been.”

Suddenly I wasn't hearing the ghost's voice anymore in my head; I was hearing it out loud. A walking corpse seemed to just appear in my examination room. It was clad in an old burlap robe, and the skin of its face had apparently peeled completely revealing the bones beneath. “And that is the reason why we are speaking Atticus; you understand. The family that we brought to our breast to nurture into life is called the Giovanni. We hate them for what they have done, but mostly I am saddened when I think of what we could have been. They still do not understand how beautiful of a thing they almost destroyed.”

I didn't know how to respond to the zombie that was speaking to me. “I am Luscious Marconi Portia, and I have come to speak to you about the rest of your life. My contacts tell me that the police have been manufacturing a case against you for a while now, and it's only a matter of time before they bring you in for your studies. They will never understand our work. I have been watching, and I like what I have learned about you. I came to give you a very rare opportunity to walk both sides of the shroud as you say you wish were possible.”

I started thinking about Faith and how I wanted to find and kill this 'master' she spoke of. Luscious answered my question as if I had asked it. It was like he was listening to my thoughts. “The master you are looking for was one of these Giovanni, and it is dead now. I did not kill it myself, but one of my brothers did. The fool was masquerading as one of us to draw the true Harbingers of their demise out. It was rather like a dog chasing a carriage; what did it plan to do when it succeeded, I will never know. The Giovanni have taken much from both of us, and the opportunity to join the true battle against these usurping fools is before you right now. I offer you this chance now, more out of formality than anything else. I have gazed into your heart Atticus, this is what you want.”

It was true. I wanted nothing more than to blast these terrible fools from the face of the planet, and the greatest opportunity to do so, was right in front of me. I had to have the courage to walk in the dark places, and truly bring my hatred to bear against these Giovanni. “I am ready to die now if that is what it will take sir.”

“Then die you shall.” The creature came to me, and with terrifying strength it pulled me to it, so it could bite my neck. I felt my life draining away, and I was actually looking forward to what came next. I would find Gerard and apologize for spurning him. I would find Faith and forgive her of her wrongdoings. I would find my Adrianna and love her more than I ever could, because I would be complete; I would understand. And then I would kill ever last one of the Giovanni!

When I finally awoke there was nothing but darkness. I felt cold, and clammy, and there was dirt, and the stench of death all around. I was worried that something had gone wrong. I felt around for my bearings, and I found what felt like bones. The walls of my chamber were very small and wooden. OH MY GOD! I was in a coffin. I had died and was bound into my rotten flesh for eternity!

I fought against the casket, and tried to pry the lid to no avail. I thrashed and fought until I finally cracked the lid. It was solid. I was buried. Harder I thrashed and finally I broke it open, and dirt came tumbling in. Minutes turned into hours, but finally I reached my hand out of the dirt, and it was grabbed by someone. It pulled me from the earth, and I realized it was Luscious. “Welcome to your death childe. I have much to teach you, and I will begin immediately. Follow and listen with your ears, not your mouth. I will tell you when you have earned the right to ask questions.” I followed Luscious and obeyed. My life had ended that night, and my unlife had just begun. I left it all behind then and there, and went wide-eyed into the night.






Bishop Damian White


THE GIOVANNI Usurping bastards who will never understand how beautiful of a thing they destroyed.
Anyone who grants the Giovanni Succor


Luscious Marconi Portia





Character Inspirations

Eliot Deacon, played by Liam Neilson in the 2009 movie "Afterlife" Christiana Ricci is SO hot!




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