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Clan Tzimisce
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Status 9
Domain Decatur, IL
Pack Warders of Nod
Path Caine •••
Faction Occult Underground
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Player Travis Young
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Verbetor Zulu Head.


Real Name: Arthur Obertus Now Named: Verbetor Veritum AKA V Squared.

Apparent Age: Generally in his 30s on most days

Concept: Bookworm Priest

Physical description: Changes depending on the need,but mostly refer to the Picture on the right. Horrid Form: A bit more Humanoid Looking Brutalisk from Starcraft 2. Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Character Information

Known History

Arthur Obertus was born into the Obertus line in Phoenix AZ in 1963, Which after 37 years of studying and helping out the Sabbat in both Montreal and Mexico City in 2000, He helped out in Mexico City with translations of ancient Mayan texts which Arthur, He always had a knack for Languages. Helping them out with these till 2010 he earned embrace and a few years later found himself in Decatur Archdiocese.

He joined a recently formed pack Sanguine Shadows, Where after a short tutelage he became its pack priest.After many circumstances he lost all of his packmates so he disbanded Sanguine Shadows and joined a new pack in town with quite a few young kindred named Hit and Run.

Which he served as 2nd support Priest until recently Archbishop Sam Van Zant named him Bishop of a trio of Bishops in the Decatur Archdiocese. After being Appointed Bishop with 2 others and was supposed to serve as a Trio of Bishops, unfortunately most of the time the other Bishops did not show up and help, so Arthur continued on as best as he could for 6 months or so till after a Talk with one called Paven the Purifier he realized Leading was not his calling, it was Teaching brothers and Sisters of the Sword and Helping them Spiritually. So He asked to Step down from the Bishopric. So Being Branded a Failure by the Archbishop where he Went thru the Renaming and was Reborn Verbetor Vieritum at the 2013 Decatur Palla Grande.With his new Name he became a Official Member of Fallen Angels

Since his name change back in 2012 He has continued under the new name Verbetor Veritum aka V Squared or V2 and has continued being a Templar to the Archbishop in matters of Knowledge and Advice, He has also continued working night in and night out apart of the Loremasters of the Occult Underground, eventually leaving the Fallen Angels and along with Angantyr of Fallen Angels formed a All Occult Underground Pack. After continued Missions and Assults on High Profile Targets for the Occult Underground, They promoted V2 to one of the 3 Licentiate of the Occult Underground now leading ALL loremasters of the Occult Underground.


Warders of Nod


Archbishop Michael Light

Felivi - Deceased sadly her loyalty left her down a dark path...

Felix Hunter Deceased as well....

Juan Carlos Del Barco



Laylah "Leliel" Thorn



and Members of the Occult Underground


Those of our Holy Sect Hunters tend to hate him quite a bit, but never seem to make it past his front door


Eric Obertus


Might have a few.


Maybe a Few around not sure

Character Inspirations

MY Love of Knowledge and Artie from Warehouse 13




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