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Clan Tzimisce
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Status 12
Domain NYC
Pack Sanguine Victorious
Path Caine ••••
Faction ???
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Player Lawrence
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Real Name: Arron Todd Hoyt

Apparent Age: Late 20's Early 30's

Concept: "Who the hell are you?"

Physical description: At his most pleasant he will appear as:

Six feet tall male, Short Brown hair and a trimmed beard, commonly in a off-the-rack-suit jacket of varying modern-ist looks. Mid Twenties, Large portly gentleman,(308 lbs. (22 stone)) Light brown hair, Dark brown eyes with a calm welcoming fatherly look. White with a trimmed Victorian beard and a modern professional business haircut parted to the right. White Button down shirt, black suspenders and a black leather belt, brown slacks and Black Boots. Wearing A sabbat necklace, a sabbat signet ring and carrying a book with the sabbat icon "on" the cover.

Recently: He has lost his anger, his has regained his drive, and found new passion in his life.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status Reputational Status Accomplishment Status
  • True Sabbat
  • Enlightened
  • Adapt
  • Blessed
  • Devoted
  • Feared
  • Witched
  • Gifted
  • Battle Scarred
  • Blooded
  • Enriched
  • Reverent

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status

"Current Activities:
First: Create a pack for the Sabbat.

Second: Prove to the Sabbat the need for Sabbat unity, not strife.

Third: Educate, never-stop learning. Not even after death.

Character Information

Known History


Before becoming vampire he (she?) did not originally have the name Arron Todd Hoyt, ██████ ████ ████ was a simple person, a middle class college student. Directionless and unsure what when or how S/he was going to exist in life. Then everything changed in a New York Minute.

Dipping into the drug culture of College S/he found V. it is a liquid that can get you awake alert and feeling like you could take on the world. But unlike everyone else S/he didn't get wrapped into the hard costs and just took what was affordable by not seeking out the same pushers. This went on for most of college until S/he met ██████████ ████ ██ ████████ ████. That's when day walking was not an option.

The person Aaron Todd Hoyt was in a Sabbat territory for over a year and avoided direct attention of the Sabbat, Cammerilla, Annarchs, Inconnu, Magi, Faye, Resurrected, Wraiths, Demons, lycins and Werewolves. Not because of skill or grace, but because no one asked him and they were busy with "other events". Not a soul cared of his existence. None noticed him standing plainly in broad nightlight because the world was blowing up with deamon worshipers and crazy powers in a "year of fire".

Aaron just bided his time and learned just how to move himself and find the right "shape" (oh do not judge; like you would not try something if you had infinite time and vissitude?)

After Aaron Todd Hoyt noticed "other vampires" he clumsily followed some and overheard where they would be meeting and when. He went in early and shut the doors behind him, plugged in his phone into a wall charger and proceeded to play games until someone turned on the lights and opened the door.

He introduced himself and admitted he knew nothing even though he was a vampire for a year. No knowledge of his sire is publicly available. He thought he was insane and had a blood fetish or something. Being an anti-social nerdy prick he took night classes and stood far away from the sun before the embrace. His life nearly did not change. He still doesn't see this as a curse.

The Sabbat member that spoke at him first told him the basics of the Sabbat and that he was "a hug and drop". With some tools on what to do A.T.H. took in as much lore he could.

He then decided to start his own pack some with talents unavailable to the Sabbat. By his will and stupidity, he convinced some dozen members of the Camerilla to not only trust him but to join him into the Sabbat. The meaning of the pack was to pause the great culling of all Cammerilla life as it takes up the Sabbat's time and warriors, when it is best for the Sabbat to fight those that are a threat not a bunch of enslaved weaklings.

A Sabbat priest, full of fear for Gehenna and hope someone could do something to cure "the problem" before we all die, this is all he is about. No desire to climb higher or fall farther, he has found his purpose, have you? To add insult to his injuries most of his converts "disappeared", the only outsiders to join his packs have died or "gone missing" the only known surviving convert managed to avoid the pull of vinicilium and join another pack under the guise that a pack with Hoyt filled with those on high honorable accord and high path of cain is "untrustworthy" and "dishonarable" but a pack with catharie is someone s/he feels safe with. Hoyt is no longer a priest but he is still a ordained priest.

The mysterious dissapearence of new york converts to the sabbat, has visably shaken his foundations. He is currently in a pack but does not sing their praises as he did with his first pack. there are very few that are confirmed not-dead of the converts, this is a sensitive topic for him. The one that accused him and accused his packmates of sinfulness is something that others call "not proper dinner conversation".

During the summer of may 2012 his Ductus was no longer to be found and it left a metaphorical wound in Hoyt making him lose the fiery passion, Iron convection, and Hoyt lost to this test of his metal fortitude's and now he has sealed himself away as a relic. Hoyt has no desire in politics, conversions, rite or ritual; Hoyt exists.


Pack: Sanguine Victorious (recently renamed Crimson Fist)

[1]Vladamir_Liquorice_Ivalice (lost)


[3]Forscythe_Miasma (went AWOL)


[5] Wade Edwards



[6]Dragomir Sibelius Grimaldi

[7]Midnight Scythe

[8] Midnight Scythe

[9]Forscythe Miasma

[10]Vladamir Liquorice Ivalice

[11] Pack Sanguine Victorious


Leah Strummer

Avani Schwartz

Raz Tenebra

"Logan" Maalik Adham Nusair

Cyrus Caine

Father Allan Waters

Connor Collins

Bobby Hoff

Jorska Illyonovitch-Grimaldi

Ruth Tep

Cynthia Abernathy

The Bishop of New York City Him-self

[13]Dragomir Sibelius Grimaldi

More To Be Announced December 12th 2013 10:28 pm




Still being worked out by Storytellers, check back soon.


Aurelie Rose Rufelle


"We'll always have Palla Grande."

"What do you mean you can't find his SOUL?!"

"Our history should not be lost, for any reason."

"Nothing is worth getting worked up over, calm down."

"We need to stay together or we will die separably."

"Separate we are nothing; Together we are survivors."

"Without Cain, we lose focus. Without focus, we lose reason. Without reason, we lose all."



Hoyt has been in chaos for a while now, he might be dying but if he lives he may just connect how the Sabbat survive.

We have been played into Hoyt's hands since night one of his embrace.

You are better then him, Hoyt is not worth your time or blood.

Hoyt can do great things, so long as you try to not use him.

Hoyt's been messing up the Camm politics for years now.

Hoyt's enemies are what made him what he is today.

Hoyt's a blowhard not even a mother could love.

Hoyt was nothing and he is still nothing.

Hoyt? No one gives a **** about Hoyt.

Hoyt is a puppet in a bigger game.

Hoyt grieves those of final death.

Hoyt is a fat guy, and ugly.

Hoyt is as dumb as he looks.

Hoyt has a noctem armory.

Hoyt? Who the hell is Hoyt?

Hoyt is not even a pawn.

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