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*Respected x2 (Templar, Lasombra Clan)
*Respected x2 (Templar, Lasombra Clan)
*Feared (Templar to Bishop Dimitri)
*Feared (Templar to Bishop Dimitri)
*Ominous (Templar to Dimitri)
''Reputational Status:''<br>
''Reputational Status:''<br>
*Respected x1 (Archbishop Liyu)
*Respected x1 (Archbishop Liyu)
*Battle Scarred (Archbishop Liyu)
*Scorched (Cardinal Polina)
*Scorched (Cardinal Polina)
*Victorious (Archbishop Liyu)
*Victorious (Archbishop Liyu)

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Clan Lasombra
Sect Position ???
Pack Position ???
Status 10
Domain Fredericksburg, VA
Pack Nightshade
Path Dharmaic Dragon
Faction ???
Faction Importance ???
Player Arielle Money



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Real Name:

Arisu Rainey

Apparent Age:



Lasombra does Yakuza.

More importantly; a way for me to practice and refine my knowledge of yakuza history, japanese culture, and japanese practices to enhance panels I lead as an apprentice at a Japanese Art, antique, and kimono vendor. Check out Arise Bazaar!

Physical description:

Arisu is a delicate looking woman appearing to be around 26 years old, and 4'10 in height. She has clear Japanese features, and speaks in a japanese accent. Her eyes are are a kaleidoscope of soft grey and purple, and can no longer be mistaken for human. When she activates the powers of vitae or her beast rises her eyes are known to flash a brilliant violet hue. Her deep red hair is styled in a martial topknot these nights. Some may observe that her hair pieces are carefully crafted wooden stakes.

She almost always wears clothes made of kimono silk, but rarely wears traditional kimono garb. Her style tonight is black pants, a black and white silk shirt, and heeled steel toe boots. Underneath her haori she wears armor. Those who know their Japanese history may note the mon on her haori as one of significance. The crest on her back is that of the Tatsuya.

When exposed her shoulders, chest, and much of her back are covered in traditional, authentic Irezumi. Those accustomed to the style and able to read and understand the marks, would note a few significant details about the Tatsuya and the positions she holds as yakuza. (ASK ME!)

She is never seen without her weapon. The katana is sheathed in a simple black lacquered sheath, and a little over 62cm long. When drawn one can feel the abyss emanating from the weapon itself. On close inspection it would seem the Toran-ba tempering (large wave like pattern with a stormy curvature) seems to undulate like shadows. Horimono etching cover one side of the blade. ((Crafts 5))

On her left wrist is a strand of Japanese Jade beads one might recognize as being  prayer beads of the Shingon origin, affixed to this is a talisman, with a sigil few would recognize. She wears a second bracelet, a simple Jade circle with a clasp. She has also recently added a silver ring to her ensamble. ((5 app traits)) ((Fame 5 underworld: yakuza)) ((Path dead))Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Arisu Rainey was a well known Oyabun (leader) of a yakuza organization known as the Tatsuya in Kyoto Japan. Her pack, and Sire decided it was time to expand the Tatsuya's influence into America. The night of her departure a surprise attack led to the decimation of her pack, and the diablarie of her sire Kage, and packmate Belize. Grabbing the final resources available to her, she barely escaped the ambush, and she and a few select remaining set sail toward Seattle. She arrived in Seattle on Novermber 27th 2018.

Upon her arrival she was greeted by a nomadic pack who offered her to travel with them as they made their way East and officially initiated her. After several months of traveling and building connections she arrived in Fredericksburg VA in March of 2019, where she joined pack Nightshade, and became a member of the diocese. She became a Templar to Bishop Dimitri (ArchMagus of the OU) in December 2019, and is known as his 'wandering Templar'.

She has recently moved from Humanity in March of 2020.

She is working to rebuild her yakuza organization throughout the East Coast, and is known to be seeking information related to the attack in Kyoto.



Ductus: Father Erebus

Abbott: Rodney



Jacob Light




Tusmi - deceased Declan Bernhardt


Kage ((Lasombra Clan Merit: Protege))




None known, 1 confirmed

Character Inspirations

Mushashi, Hanaryo (Westworld), Minbo


Flicker - Lorde

Epiphany - Trans Siberian Orchestra (Night Castle)

Molokov and Anatoly - The Musical Chess

The Arbiter - The Musical Chess

Once Beautiful - The Last Dance

Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

We Will Rise - Redlight Kings


"To the shock of no one, I am a wee bit protective of my pack." - multiple times

"You did suggest I get a 'murder gang', wasn't the one I planned for, but it's the special coccont I've got now." - to Xander


Her lineage has a possible connection to Black Spiral Dancers.

Arisu held a titled position within the Imperial House of Japan.

The title may be similar to that of a princess.

Arisu can both confirm and deny several rumors of one of her packmate's.

She is a member of a cult.

Maybe Kue-Jin?

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