Antonio Delatezzia

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Clan Lasombra
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Status 12
Domain Central Virginia
Pack Vendetta
Path Power and the Inner Voice ••
Faction Prefers to avoid the issue
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Player Mark O
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Real Name: Antonio Delatezzia

Apparent Age: 30s

Physical description: Well dressed and well armed

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Younger son of a small Sicilian noble house, one fallen from greater prestige and power in the past, Antonio joined the military to distinguish himself, as he would not inherit the estates of his family. His skill in battle and leadership despite the fractious nature of the Sicilian military around the turn of the 20th century drew his sire's attention. After ruining his career and his life, his sire embraced him and led him into the depths of the Sabbat Civil War.

Fought in the Sabbat Civil War, and disappeared with his pack in Pennsylvania. Came to Central Virginia a few years ago with Carrie De Silva, now Valkyrie, Templar of the Inquisition, apparently after having awakened from torpor.


Vendetta Vendetta

Vendetta formed in Richmond as Antonio and Valkyrie found allies among the local Sabbat. During the Year of Fire, Vendetta suffered some major setbacks against the forces of the infernal, but remained steadfast in their faith.



In general, the Camarilla and Anarchs (which are the same thing, really)

Antonio doesn't reveal his animosity toward anyone specific. That just forewarns them and makes them do inconvenient things like defend themselves, run away, or cause problems. Better that they just vanish into the darkness, never to be seen or heard from again. It's so much cleaner that way.


Definitely had one.

Character Inspirations




Antonio does not have a sense of humor he is aware of

He has been seeking knowledge of the history of Clan Lasombra, for some dark purpose

Disrupted Hadrian's Abyssal pocket realm by concealing one of his power sigils with a Shroud of Absence in Detroit, MI during the Year of Fire

Antonio recognizes the Sabbat Civil War as a terrible thing, and regrets his involvement in it. He works to prevent any further such schisms from arising.

He's got an unusual facility with shadowcrafting, and is always clothed in Obtenebration.

Antonio loves golfing, and always has his golf bag with him.

Antonio has an extraordinary talent with shadowcrafting, and can make Obtenebration do some very unusual things.

Antonio is a Necromancer

Antonio is not a Necromancer, but has ties to those who practice those arts

He sees the Path of Power and the Inner Voice more mystically than most do, with the Inner Voice as the Perfect Self, guiding him toward mastery of the self and mastery of others.

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