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Clan Harbingers of Skulls
Sect Position None
Pack Position Priest
Status 2+5
Domain Northern Maine
Pack The Unmentionables
Path Death and the Soul •••
Faction None
Faction Importance None
Player Cyril L.




Antipatros, using Mask of 1000 Faces.

Antipatros/Patros, Stephanos Laskaris, William Shatner/Shatner antitribu, Antipasta/Antipasto

Real Name: Unknown at the current time, but presumably Stephanos Laskaris.

Apparent Age: Hard to tell, given his nature. Often masks as a mid-to-late 20-year-old.

Concept: Friendly, but aloof necromancer

Physical description: Antipatros is of average height, and tends to wear dark, heavy clothing. When in public, he makes himself "decent" through Obfuscate, taking on the appearance of a young adult with tan skin and tired eyes. When not using Mask of a Thousand Faces, he (much like the rest of his bloodline) covers his face in mundane masks, with his favorite appearing to be a black, featureless one that covers his entire face. Recently, he has taken to dressing in very bright, pastel colors. No one is entirely sure why.

Most would describe Antipatros as *Charismatic (x4), able to hold the attention of a crowd with ease. While speaking with a perfectly unaccented American accent, his speaking pattern is slow and deliberate (which has garnered him the nickname "William Shatner" from some local Loyalists). In temperament Antipatros is very *Patient (x4), giving every Cainite equal time and attention. He is generally friendly and open for anything.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

  • Initiated, as True Sabbat
  • Enlightened, as Priest of the Unmentionables

Reputational Status:

  • Crusader, for being an active combatant in the Crusade for Boston
  • Devoted, for being a faithful follower of an accepted Path of Enlightenment
  • Loyal, for defending the Black Monastery against the Daeva and Black Spiral Dancers
  • Respected, by Archmagus Dimitri von Struker
  • Victorious, for being an active combatant at the Baltimore demon fight

Character Information

Known History

Before 2017

Not much is known about the Harbinger who goes by the name of Antipatros. He is fairly tight-lipped about his existence before the early part of the 21st Century, but he has let some information slip. He is originally from Athens, Greece (then part of the Byzantine Empire), and studied to be a scribe. He was Embraced by a woman named Judicia, to whom he was very close with. After a while, he went on "an extended holiday", to which Antipatros never seems to say actually ended. The only other thing Antipatros mentions from this time of his unlife is that he wishes that he could have seen his sire one more time before departing.


In late 2017, Antipatros (along side his then pack Ministerio Sanguis) arrived in Northern Maine. He mostly stayed within his haven, a small church near a large graveyard. He participated in large events such as the local Palla Grande, but these public appearances were few and far between. Soon after, he moved again, this time to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he met up with an old acquaintance of his (Mortimus di Palestrina) and created the Watchers pack.


In April of 2018, Antipatros participated in the retaking of the Black Monastery from the Daeva and Black Spiral Dancers. He also participated in the Ecumenical Council, along side several other delegates from the Archdiocese of Nova Scotia. However, for much of the year after, he spent cloistered in his personal haven, researching various projects and drawing up plans for future experiments.


Antipatros has remained in his haven, though in March he decided to visit the local diocese again. At that years Ecumenical Council, he joined with yet another pack from Maine, the Unmentionables. Soon after the first Vaulderie with the pack, he was able to be named the second Priest of the pack (focusing on Paths of Enlightenment, while his counterpart Oquossoc focuses on ritae).


In early 2020, after an argument with the Archbishop of Nod, Father Erebus, over the nature of the faction, Antipatros left the Ecclesiasticals. In February of 2020, Antipatros participated in both the containment of a demon in Baltimore and the retaking of the city of Boston from the Prince of Shadows and his Daeva minions.


Antipatros rarely stays in a pack for long. However, he is currently in the Unmentionables.

  • Ductus Wolfgang Heinrich, Moderate Nosferatu antitribu
  • Priest Oquossoc, Moderate Assamite antitribu
  • Priest Antipatros, Ecclesiastical Harbinger of Skulls
  • Abbot Buktrashah, Factionless Salubri antitribu
  • Sister Justine Parsons, Childe of the Dracon Tzimisce
  • Brother Billy, Factionless Pander


And if she still exists somewhere out there, Antipatros would consider Judicia an ally.


  • The Giovanni
  • The Camarilla




Antipatros has not spoken about having any childer, though presumably if he did they are either long dead, stuck in the Underworld, or Harbingers like himself.

While not his childe directly, his former ghoul April (now going by the name Lily) could be considered something of a "step-childe".


Celandine, of Northern Maine

Character Inspirations



  • "If I had been a better necromancer, I would have been eaten by a Giovanni a couple centuries ago."
  • "I would like to introduce a new concept that was brought up to me by my ghoul: call and response. Whenever I say the word 'tonight', I would like for you to reply 'yes, tonight'. I was told that this sort of sermon was popular with the youths now-a-days."
  • "...If you noticed, half-way through the sermon I stopped using the phrase 'tonight', and stopped expecting any Cainite to follow suit. It appears that the call and response style sermon is not quite as popular as my ghoul had informed me. I shall now go and find her, have a long conversation with her, and figure out where the disconnect was."
  • "It's a chasuble."
  • "While I would enjoy cracking open a cold anarch with the boys, perhaps this is not the best time for such actions."
  • Lily Pearce: "Hey dad, why is there a man in the basement claiming that you are a serial killer? Antipatros: "Objectively speaking I am a serial killer."


  • The only way to tolerate Antipatros for any extended period of time is to be on a large amount of drugs.
  • Antipatros is really a Toreador antitribu who was embraced in the 1980s.
  • April, Antipatros's ghoul assistant, often trolls him by giving him false information about modern society.
  • Despite all appearances to the contrary, Antipatros is fully cognizant of his actions.
  • After the last time he led a Game of Instinct the diocese declared as a whole that he is never to do so again.
  • He was compensated for his ghoul Embrace-sniped from him with a brick of cocaine and the memory of her being Embraced.
  • He compensated the sire of his former ghoul for initiating her without his knowledge by offering him a syringe of heroin.
  • Has an entire team of ghosts do taxes for him.
  • Also has a "drug ghost" that holds all of his drugs and hands them back to him on command.
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