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<!--- Please do not use title other then those straight from cannon (i.e. Brother, Sister, Abbot, Priest, Ductus) Links aka [[]]'s are not allowed. If none, please type "None" or leave as "???" if unknown. --->
<!--- Please do not use title other then those straight from cannon (i.e. Brother, Sister, Abbot, Priest, Ductus) Links aka [[]]'s are not allowed. If none, please type "None" or leave as "???" if unknown. --->
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Clan Tzimisce
Sect Position Bishop
Pack Position Ductus
Status 8
Domain Auburn
Pack Red Clay
Path Metamorphosis •••
Faction Children of the Dracon
Faction Importance ???
Player Vivian Halbany




"Truly, your skill and mastery are only rivaled by your beauty."
"My beauty is a measure of my skill and mastery."

--Vikrum Seif and Amalia

Amalia, appearing human-ish

None known

Real Name: Amalia Zantosa

Apparent Age: Early-to-mid-twenties

Concept: Alien transhumanist hedonist; alternately, "Body horror succubus". Has been called 'Tzimisce drag queen'.

Physical description: Amalia stands about 5'8", with a moderately muscular, androgynous build; a completely flat chest and slightly rounded hips, wearing her own carefully-removed skin as clothing with bare musculature on full display. Skin also remains on Amalia's face, worn almost like a mask. The skin-clothing is often styled into a body-hugging dress, or into a crop top, a miniskirt, and a set of thigh-high sandals. Her features vary constantly, but one that doesn't change is an unnaturally wide mouth full of pointed, sharklike teeth. Her features and voice are strikingly beautiful, albeit in an uncanny, "plastic surgeon's life's work" kind of way. She exudes unsettling inhumanity above and beyond the norm for Cainites, even when the maw is concealed.

Amalia's fleshcrafted mouth seems unable to smile. She has developed an entire range of new "expressions" to make up for it.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Amalia is a relatively young member of her family, who has not spent time in mortal service to any Tzimisce. She claims to be about one hundred and twelve years old, or slightly older than that. She was Embraced sometime in 2018 by someone she calls "Reginald" or "Dracul Reginald", and claims there was no shovel involved. She first turned up at esbat in San Bernadino and proceeded to not piss anyone off that she's aware of; she now resides in Auburn, near Sacramento, and served as Templar to Bishop Zahir Nodama until later rising to the rank of Bishop herself.

Amalia was present for the Crusade of Boston in February 2020.

An earlier appearance


Amalia fell in with the Lost Boys after getting to know what were, at the time, the only other Tzimisce in the area who both weren't Kolduns and left their laboratories regularly. Later, the Auburn diocese drastically restructured its packs due to numerous members vanishing, and Amalia was placed with Nox Calamitas.

After being appointed Bishop at Palla Grande 2019, Amalia formed a new pack, Red Clay, taking the position of ductus.




Whoever "Reginald" is supposed to be.



Character Inspirations

Real-life biohacker given access to body horror powers.



"For the sake of... all people, everywhere, please tell me you'll write a song titled Zombie's Got My Dick."
"It isn't a good party if you can still salvage your dress by the end of the night."
"And if you pull on the tendons like this, it will make her flip you off."
"Well, yes, a seven-headed mountain lion is its own reward, but I also feel there must be some purpose to put it to."
"Oh, no, I can't do that sort of thing. It could be dangerous to my thought patterns."
"For how badly that went, it went extremely well."
"Perfection is impossible. There's always something that can, and should, be improved on."

"Do you, like... have feelings? Do you feel happiness? I want to know what makes you feel happy. Do you feel happy when you, like... unhinge your jaw and swallow a whole baby?"
"I have feelings. The one I have right now is confusion."

--Lucas Cannon and Amalia


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