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Clan Toreador Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Pack Bitch
Status 1
Domain Nomadic
Pack Straight Outta Enoch
Path Nunnya Beeswax ••
Faction None
Faction Importance None
Player Dora Jay


Alexis "Lexi" St. Hubert

"“Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit."

Lexi [Madison June 2017]

Simple Facts

300px lexi [new haven november]
Name: Alexis St. Hubert
Nickname: Lexi, Lex, Lexyboo,
Home Diocese: Virginia. Because Liyu is bae.
Status: Initiated (Arch Bishop Alejandra Maricela Devareaux Reyna)
Pack: Pbbbbht
Contact: Lexi Phone
Height: 5'7
Weight/Build: Thin to Average Build. Stick-limbs, very little muscular structure
Hair Color: Dirty blonde on top, blonde under cut.
Eye Color: Blue
Apparent Age: 18-21

Physical Description

Lexi is something inbetween a grunge kid and a wannabe street gangster. She's lithe, to the point of being difficult to put your hands on which is how she likes it. Can't be strangled if you can't be caught! Her hair's almost always down, covering her eyes, or sometimes tucked behind her ear. Black and gold seem to be her colors. She wears jeans with excessive amounts of studs (because yay for easy to use stabby things) and is almost never seen without her Wutang half shirt. She also likes her chains. And her gloves. She wears the gloves because getting blood on her hands stains them and the stains don't come out without effort.


Lexi gives no fucks what most people think of her. She's the type of person you want to punch until they stop talking or accuse of having Daddy issues as a means of trying to silence her sometimes constant snark and chatter. Some people claim it's a front and that, deep down, she's empathetic as fuck, quiet, cool, and calculating, but nobody's actually found one of those people to wrangle the truth out of them as to whether or not these claims are true. Anything out of Vassyl's mouth doesn't count because he's the literal worst. No, seriously, he's the worst, don't listen to the fucking Lorax

She's got a lot of spunk and enough practice in rap battles that she's probably kosher to start her own rap battle crew.

The Deets

lexi [madison june 2017]

History of Before

Lexi's never shared it before, but she does admit she's a millennial and hasn't been embraced all that long.
She enjoys, excessively, making pop culture references that make this almost painfully apparent.
Her dialect indicates she's probably from somewhere in the Midwest, but given that most people in the US can't accurately define the midwest, that could mean she's anywhere not on the coasts.
Lexi is unashamedly Midwest Trash.

History of After

Lexi was picked up somewhere around the New Haven / New York area.
Her exact embrace date is unknown, even to her, but the moment she had her wits about her, she started using them for evil purposes; mostly tormenting just about everyone around her.
She managed to impress Alejandra enough that she got Initiated and supposedly, supposedly she's a member of that Diocese.
At her core, Lexi is nomadic and can't stay in one place for too long without going bat shit insane.
Lexi spent most of 2017 wandering all around the US that matters, meaning she's stayed of Nebraska, because nothing but demonic entities live in the hell that exists past Nebraska.
Lexi spent the bulk of that time in the Norfolk, Dubuque, New Haven and a little bit of time in Madison, Gary, and Indianapolis.
Lexi started prospecting into Eyes in Tempest in April of 2017
Lexi claims to be a loyalist
Lexi started becoming a slightly more known face in Winter 2017
Lexi's presence on the National List becomes more recognizable. Namely because of the gifs. Because it's kinda hard to miss them.
Lexi's pack restructures itself from 'Eyes in Tempest' to 'Straight Outta Enoch'
EC happens and Lexi ends up paying Contrition to Prisci Medici for being an insolent little shit.
Lexi formally leaves the Loyalists but still considers herself a Loyalist at heart.
She won't talk openly about why she's upset with the Loyalists beyond labeling it as "literally all Vic's fault."
The UC starts dragging her places because they're giant jerks but she so far is factionless
Lexi goes back to wandering, spending more time in the Midwest tormenting ninjas, spreading truth about the Pirate propaganda, and calling out fake news as she sees it.

Pack: Straight Outta Enoch

lexi [madison june 2017]

Gabriel Marcos-Savoy Devereaux

Vasyl Rafalko
Second Ductus | Priest
He's the Sabbat Lorax. TruFacts

Marcus Agrippa
literally the fucking worst.

eNVy / Nicolas Vicente
Umf <3 <3

Lexi's Burn Book

People I actually listen to

Lexi [EC 2018]
"Did you know if you look up 'Pretentious French Asshole Dickbutt" in the Sabbat Dictionary you find a picture of this fucker in full 4K resolution? As much as I wish I could hate him, the problem with his truths is that they're often more truthful than I'd ever like to admit. It really sucks and I'm not budging from the fact that he's a jerk but he's the Lafayette to my Hamilton and immigrants, as they say, always get the job done."
"You made Bishop Alexi Sergei Inyech Buljiev a power bottom and it literally made my entire year. I'll do what you say for awhile in specific circumstances i can change at any time without breach of contract"
"Our catty bitches table is always my favorite table to be at. You're not a bad voice of reason."
"I have not yet mastered your resting Dread Gaze face. Until I fix this, you are senpai, and you will fucking notice me"
"Not listening to Mama Nos is how you disappear via mysterious circumstances."

People I like

"You're a manwhore, so technically I should drop you a category on principle, but your abs are so defined i could perform ritae with them and I can't say I don't respect that."
"Murder Hobo Senpai, please never notice me."
"The best fucking Arch Bishop in the entire god damn Sword of Caine."
"You're the Jerry Springer of your Clan and watching you mediate disputes with words when your eyes say 'i should just pew pew laser beam these fucks, that's what they fucking deserve, that'd solve this problem real quick and actually solve it, not bring it back on my show next week with another flavor of the exact same bullshit' is better than any terrible talk show i've ever watched."
"You take shit from no one. It's hot as hell. We should make out after you take Vic's job and be the loyalist leader we need instead of the one we got stuck with."
"Live tweeting ec 2018 was my favorite thing in the history of ever"
"Your tough girl shit doesn't work on me. Deal with it. <3"
"Mother fucking loyalists 4 lyfe. If you die gloriously, i'll make a cardboard cutout of you to forever remember your visage."

People I tolerate

"The fact your other title is 'she who must be obeyed' means i have to tolerate you. Fucking rules I can't ignore!"
"If you weren't an inquisitor, I'd really like you and we'd probably be besties but you're an inquisitor and your faction is built on lies, so we're stuck at frenemies. Boo."
"You should trust your bullshit meter more and you should snark more. Then you might move from 'tolerated' to 'liked'
"I mean, you're a Tzimtzim who doesn't turn people into cakes. That immediately makes you a +1 in my book. But you dress like a bad vampire movie so that's a -1."
  • The Soviet Assamite Girl from New Haven
"Славься, Отечество наше свободное, Дружбы народов надёжный оплот! Партия Ленина - сила народная Нас к торжеству коммунизма ведёт!

People I would throw under a bus

lexi [new haven november]
"I realize you were embraced mid MySpace Photoshoot, but come on man, the excessive male eyeliner and emo attitude is so 2008. At least put a colored streak in your hair if you're going to stick with that look"
  • Clan Salubri
"You guys need anger management like woah. You can't solve all your problems with pew pew laser eyes."
"You are the only Moderate I wouldn't trade for a single corn chip or a box of thin mints."
"Look, Victorian Emo isn't a thing. It's not going to be a thing. Either go full Victorian or go full Emo. Don't go with this weird ass Tumblr-inspired hybrid."

People I would sell for a box of thin mints

"You've upgraded yourself from 'corn ship' status to 'thin mints' status. Maybe you'll one day be the second Moderate that has value to the Sword."
"I say, I say, I say, I do declare, when you can learn to not talk like a fucking embraced Lasombra version of Foghorn Leghorn, I'll maybe start to respect your bitch ass."
  • Judge Inquisitor Guy
"I'm not your friend buddy, you're not my buddy Guy!"
"Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make purging Heresy so much fun. Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you."

People I would trade for a single corn chip

"Orgies are not and never will be a sign of class. It's a sign of trash and you should do the Sword a favor and take yourself out to the curb."
"Despite the fact your diocese woke up and removed you as literally the worst bishop in the history of the sword, it's still a fact that nobody fucking cares about the words that come out of your mouth."
  • Every single Moderate not otherwise listed
"Irrelevant faction is irrelevant."

People who come from the same spawn pool as me

  • N/A


spotify link

Words and Thoughts

Lexi's Instagram Feed

lexi [ec 2018 night 2] lexi [crusade of ashes summer 2018] lexi [dark sermons, july, summer 2018] lexi [gary sabbat, july 2018] lexi [gary sabbat, august 2018] lexi [gary sabbat, august 2018] lexi [gary sabbat, august 2018]


  • "Based on what I know of her, it seems someone found a way to turn the very concept of 'Hold My Beer...' into a cainite." -Tobias Greene
  • "Wait, Vic was right? Fuck!" - Alexis "Lexi" Tsarevich, Ecumenical Council 2018
  • "Who would win in a fight, ninjas or pirates?" "what if they were Ninja Pirates?" "THAT'S NOT A THING. THE NARUTO ONE PIECE CROSS OVER NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED."
  • " totally just gave the Salubri status for completing the Kiki challenge mid combat."



  • "Fuck you, I do what I want" character trope
  • "I spend all day on the internet."
  • "I googled this six minutes before I developed a ridiculously strong opinion on this."


  • Lexi has more derangements than most Malkavian Anti Tribus
  • Lexi is actually a Lasombra
  • Lexi is actually a Salubri Anti Tribu
  • Follow up rumor
  • Many Canites are curious to see which the two above possible sires wins custody of Lexi

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