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The Prince of Dragons

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Dracula

Appearance: Alexander appears as a man of clearly eastern European descent. He often wears his thick black hair tied back that adorned his outfits. When not in a modern business suite that exalts his status as upper class wealth, he is often found to be wearing more older traditional garb of his heritage and symbol of Eastern European Nobility.

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

  • Initiated - True Sabbat
  • Feared - Ductus
  • Feared - Archbishop
  • Proven - Archbishop
  • Relentless - Archbishop

Reputational Status:

  • Divinists
  • Ordained
  • Enriched
  • Gifted
  • Devout

Negative Status:

  • Cainite Heretic

Character Information

  • Is a member of the Ecclesiastical Faction
  • Comes from the Old World
  • Was once Bishop of Bridgeport Connecticut
  • Is now Archbishop of Bridgeport Connecticut
  • Claims to be the Voivode of Bridgeport
  • Makes his home in the modern day castle of the Bridgeport Prison

Known History

Alexander Danesti made his presence known to the Bridgeport Diocese in 2013. Claiming an Old World charm Alexander claim to be descended from Wallachain nobility. He quickly formed a pack with like minded Cainites of tradition and faith upon his arrival. The Scions of the Red Star became one of the prominent packs of the Bridgeport Diocese. In time He rose to the Status of Bishop and his packmate Simon becoming the Archbishop.

Sometime in 2017 Bridgeport came under siege by the Camarilla and Daeva resulting almost complete loss of Sabbat life in the diocese. Few survived. When the dust settled Alexander and his pack remained holding the Birdgeport Dioceses as new Sabbat flooded into its gates to clear out what remained of the Camarilla. With the destruction of the last Tremere Chantry in Bridgeport in June of 2018 and absence of his packmate, Alexander was elevated to the Status of Archbishop of Bridgeport CT.


Currently: Scions of the Red Star




  • Dracula




Physical Description:
A simple man of Eastern European descant who often wears elaborate clothes of the nobility from an age long past form his homeland. When not dressed up for Sabbat esbat, Alexander often wears elaborate suits to match his belief in the modern day nobility. His black hair is shoulder length he often keeps tied back and is sometimes seen sporting a fashionably thin black goatee. His eyes are a deep green and he often carries himself with the etiquette of the Land Beyond the Forest.


  • Hates Dracula more then any other vampire...almost as if its personal
  • He is a member of the Neo Fedualist Faction of his clan
  • His is far older then he is letting on

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat ••••• •••••
City: Bridgeport, CT
Player: Adam
Storyteller: Rob I.



AKA: Prince of Dragons

Clan: Tzimisce
Year Embraced: 1876 CE
Path: Honorable Accord 3

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Scions of the Red Star
Faction: Ecclesastical
Position: Archbishop, Ductus

Status: (7)

Initiated, Feared,
Feared, Proven,
Relentless, Gifted,
Ordained, Enriched,
Devout, Divinists


"Dracula is a traitor to our sect and deserves to be flayed alive before the sun!"

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