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Team Sabbat NOLA 2016 Drinking Rules!

I know, I know its been forever…I promise to post an update soon.  I actually have a bit to talk about.  Until then…you all should definitely go to NOLA.  And not just I’m staffing it but because its gonna be awesome!  Until then here are the NOLA 2016 Drinking rules for team sabbat!



1. All members of Team Sabbat are expected to Vaulderie every night (after game or before, but not while on the job). The Nightly vaulderie shall be provided for by the Regent.

2. Only a Pack Priest is allowed to perfom the ritae or the Regent of the Sabbat who may appoint new Pack Priests.

3. The Sabbat Coord is the Regent of the Sabbat (thats for you Zeb)

3.A The Lasombra Coord is a Cardinal of the Sect and as such a member of the Consistory.

3. B The Tzimisce Coord is a Cardinal of the Sect and as such a member of the Consistory.

3. C All of the above have the power to appoint Paladins.

3.C.1 The Regent is limited to 5 Paladins.

3.C.2 A Cardinal may have 3 Paladins.

4. Only the Regent/a Cardinal (Which the Regent may also appoint) may declare a Crusade upon another table, genre, or Coordinator.

4.a. Those Crusaded are considered full converts to Team Sabbat for the remainder of the event and may enjoy the glory of the Vaulderie. This shall not be provided for by the sabbat coord.

4.b. It falls to the Paladins to enforce the Regent’s/Cardinal’s will and Crusades. Should they fail a penalty drink shall be paid for by the Paladin to their respective Regent/Cardinal.

5. All Women of Team Sabbat or those converted who Vaulderie will uphold Sabbat Genre (See Montreal by Night)

6. Monomacy: The Regent or Cardinals may be challenged to Monomacy for their title at any point not during the actual event itself. The Challenged determines the form of competition the challenger must defeat them in and the whole thing is overseen by a pack priest.